The Lament From A Dinosaur Mom And Real Books

I still want my real books

I’m a tech challenged dinosaur, says my son

“Oh my, CeeLee, whatever makes you say that?”, you might ask aghast, though unsure as to the reason why you are aghast. Well, I’ll tell ya. I have tossed the thought around in my head for a few months now, taking it out for further examination when I have an idle moment. Because, I can’t make my laptop obey my commands? Hunted and pecked or the spoken kind. On second thought, I might be grateful it doesn’t obey my spoken commands. It would’ve thrown itself out the window long before now.

Not feeling the thrill of a new story

I was lamenting that in our ever constant quest for newer and more improved technology, said technology I have strong doubt of ever understanding and while I suppose that tech stuff is good, I sure enjoy it, if and when it works. My kid is going to grow up ( and he is a tech fluent person) and he won’t really understand the joys of cracking open a real book, feeling those pages, experience that thrill of a new book and I discount the dreaded school books for obvious reasons. And I think it sucks. This is one of my most comforting memories from childhood, the whole anticipation of opening that book, excitement over a story that would soon begin and all too soon, end.

Forgoing something wonderful in our never ending quest for tech

My son does like to read, and he wants to read me bedtime stories, true. Hey, no protest here, it’s great, though I doubt he expects me to zonk out the way I do.Ā  But here’s the thing. Now, it’s my own, stubborn, dinosaur type opinion here, people, and no, I haven’t actually tried a Kindle or a Nook, or anything remotely resembling terrifying depths of technology I’ve yet to explore, but by the time my kid is a teen, I’m wondering if we will have forgone books, real books as relics of the past? I really hope not. I feel like it would be a loss. Maybe not a huge one, but nevertheless, a loss. Maybe he’s right. His Mom is a dinosaur to whom technology simply hasn’t caught on.


2 thoughts on “The Lament From A Dinosaur Mom And Real Books”

  1. I hope not too, and I kind of doubt it will happen any time soon. I own a nook, and it’s really frustrating for me when I go to B&N’s website to buy books for it, a used version is much, much cheaper (and the discounts aren’t even that great from a new version). I consider my nook more like a supplement than a replacement, opening myself up to things that are only published in ebooks rather than reading everything or most things on my ereader. I think used books are too popular for books to become only relics in the near future.

    1. Heya emma! šŸ™‚

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for dropping a comment! šŸ™‚
      I can only hope that this is the case, that we won’t phase out ‘real’
      books anytime soon. I’m laughing as I type, I sound like an old lady-I’m not, okay not real old! šŸ˜‰

      I do realize I sound like an old fart,(cringe)
      even worse; an old fart who hasn’t even tried those ‘newfangled tech things’
      that I’m mouthing off about (double cringe)
      I will say I’m mighty curious about ereaders and ebooks. LOL

      I found out that my son’ classes are now mostly taught by ereaders, etc
      So I know I’m a footdragger but sometimes I think,
      we forget some of the simplest of joys.
      Or as my son says, “Mooaaammm, just…get with the times all ready!
      You’re like, a dinosaur!”
      Gee thanks pal šŸ˜‰

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