My Meditation And My Son’s Revenge

My Son Likes His Revenge To Be Creative

My Form Of Meditation is Strange

I’m going through my spam folder. The one on my laptop, though I wish it were as easy to clear the one within my head. Both of which are filled to the brink and in danger of overflowing with useless bits of information. My son is righteously ticked over this disruption of his daily routine, and has made no bones about it.

Revenge is best served Loud

He has grown accustomed to the frantic pace of rush here, rush there, do this ASAP, more often than not, accompanied by Flight of The Bumblebee type of music. This is not to his liking. He has plotted his revenge carefully. He has chosen wisely. For the insult to his daily routine, he has sentenced me for my regrettable decision to stay at home, by resorting to the very loudest, pierce your spine and search in vain, for the ear plugs I just know he must’ve hidden from me,(on purpose) Wii game he can find.

Mom Still Reigns In The Sneaky Department

Ah…but little does he know. The only games here are educational ones, and he will learn, whether he realizes it or not. I have to admit though, as revenge goes, he has chosen well. My head feels about ready to pop a vein or two and it’s really regretful that Excedrin has yet to invent the My Head Is About To Implode And My Kid Is Driving Me Batty Extra Extra Strength Economy Sized tablet. I’m betting it would be an instant hit.

A quiet moment At Home

It’s such a mindless task, my cleaning out my spam folder, it soothes me and allows me to disengage that part of my brain that rarely is quiet. I honestly can’t remember when I last deleted all the junk. It’s most decidedly worth cringing at the occasional yell from the next room “Nooo!” followed by the inevitable explosion and him muttering words under his breath that were I to hear them, would likely land his butt in hot water. It’s my form of meditation. It’s not exactly Zen, but it works for me.


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