It’s NOT My Fault-My Humor Made Me Prank You!


I Have An ADHD Sense Of Humor!


I’m soo not laughing at you screaming like a girl…exactly…

Being a mom equipped with a brain that has it’s own sense of humor, one that doesn’t always include me, unless I’m the butt of a joke (anything technology and my brain laughs til it cries).

 And then to be blessed with a son who (just like me) delights in tormenting, (usually me) with fart jokes complete with sound effects, though some of them aren’t exactly effects but the real deal, and having a significant other who neither understands nor is particularly fluent in my humor protocols, it’s tough out there.

If you can’t beat ’em, can’t ignore ’em, then join the club

I did what any other Mom would do. I made my son my co-conspirator. And together, we declared war on my poor unsuspecting and humor challenged guy. Because it’s a bonding experience.

We have the best Mom and son bonding.
We live to prank…

Playing pranks is the way my son and I are wired, I’m positive of this. It’s like protective coloration, only funnier and made so that we’re better able to deal with life’s curve balls.

Okay. That and we prank because we love it. Well that and because laughing at someone else who just screamed like a girl, really is funnier.

It’s a time to be savored, as the likelihood of being successful at engineering another reaction like the current one. the one that has you rolling on the ground, depending on your success, may be  slim to none.

The need to plan carefully is advised.

Take your time to plot and consider. Have a plan A, Plan B and even a Plan C,  just in case. We feel it ensures a higher success rate of the wanted reaction and allows for a better overall experience.

I lack the words to adequately explain how amazing it is, to feel the joy of the moment that wasn’t induced by your screw up. So liberating.

If it does go badly, no need for worry. We’ve got you covered. Here is the magic get out of trouble phrase, be sure to write it down.


Clear your throat, look contrite, do try to stop laughing and say…

“My humor made me do it.”

Works every time. It’ll confuse the humor challenged long enough for you ample to run.




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