One Question-Baby Steps Or Shark Tank?

I can't fail, my son will make me swim in a cold pool!
Sharks or Baby Steps?

It all started with a question…

“If you had to get into a cold swimming pool-Mom! It’s too cold! I would not be swimming this time of year! Hush silly boy and listen to me. (dramatic sigh, eye roll and at last, eye contact, woohoo!) If you had a choice, you ornery ankle biter, would you take little baby steps and just try to get used to the water temperature or just dive right in and scream like a girl-I’m not a girl!-No! I know you aren’t, look kiddo I can make life difficult, you know this, so answer the question! Baby steps or dive in? Hey! Are you paying attention to me? What was the question Mom? I forgot. Argh! I’m getting the Nerf gun-Swim with sharks! I mean, jump in, wait…aren’t we on a truce? Not fair! You’re breaking the treaty! (Nerf gun cocks) Jeez Mom, just dive in! It’s not like it’ll kill you!”

Yeah, so I’m going with the shark tank…

It’s a terrifying prospect for me. Taking advice on life from my 8 year old. No, wait. That is horrifying, no doubt, but I meant the part where I actually dove in, so to speak. I gathered my shaky courage and grinned right at him, noting he was much more interested in his PS2 he had smuggled in the office, rather than the matter at hand. I lightly smacked his arm, took a huge breath in and hit…Enter. Quick as that, I was entered into 30 days and 30 nights of writing. Scary as all hell but full of the joyful exhilaration that had been absent lately, amidst the humdrum monotony of life. I did it and wonder of wonders, I’m going to jump into the shark tank with both feet.

I took the challenge, my son provided the incentive

I’m doing the NaNoWriMo challenge all through November. 30 days and 30 nights of writing with wild abandon. I think I’ve got the wild abandon part, it’s the other that concerns me. I’m now on writer’s lock down. I’m eager to make it happen. I want to see if I can write 50,000 words within 30 days. I’ll need all the luck I can get, but if I succeed, then it’s going to be worth all the effort, because I will be showing by example that following what moves you in life, is what life is supposed to be all about. My son is carefully monitoring my progress. You see, if I don’t make it, there is a very cold swimming pool I will be taking a dip in, complete with photo op and then facebook posting. We all need me to not fail… The world isn’t ready for a pic like that!

I think I can, I think I can!


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