Why “It Seemed Like A Good Idea” May Be The Last Thing I Ever Say


It seemed like a good idea may be my epitah


I drive my guy batty, it’s a natural talent of mine

It was pointed out to me, by a rather snarky other half, aka: I think you suffer from a warped humor and nobody gets it, that the most common phrase out of my mouth, in explanation for when my mental prowess decides to take a leave of absence is…”Yeah, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time.”

As if.

Like he really needed to point this out and I know for a fact, that there are tons of people that get my humor, he just isn’t one of them. Okay, so truth be told, it’s one of my most utilized phrases, bordering on daily basis.

Keeping your sanity is having a good sense of humor

Last week, I went to a popular fast food place. I went through the drive through rather than walk in the rain to get it. Lazy, yes. Guilty as charged, but that’s not the matter at hand. Pay attention now, what do I have to do to get you to focus? Wait. That’s me. Okay, let’s recap.

Raining and sitting at the drive through. The little devil in my head  woke up while I stared at the menu, and mentioned that it would be a hilarious idea to do something like…this.

It is important to note that the word Dick is in the restaurant’s name.The little devil suggested and I concurred. Tally Ho and hot damn, let’s do this!

Placing my order, I grinned a little bit and said, “I think I’ll have the big Dick.”

My long-suffering significant other riding shotgun who had not been consulted prior to my making this decision, didn’t find it nearly as humorous as I did. Funny. Because the drive through person sure did.

When the two of us, Drive Through Chick and I, not my guy, finished laughing, she was hanging onto her window for support and I doing the same with my car window.

My I know this is laughter somehow directed at me, significant other asked what the hell was I thinking, doing something like that, growing ever more irritated for having to wait for me to answer until after I finished gasping for air that …it seemed like a good idea at the time.

“It seemed like a good idea” may be on my headstone before too long

I’m pecking this out on my poor old laptop and I’m still laughing, which is a really bad thing to do. See, I can’t resist pulling the tiger’s tail. It’s just my thing.

I posted a sign on my office door earlier, one so big that my guy, sitting in the,  I’m a man and I need a man cave, other room couldn’t miss. It says, He who laughs last, may die first

Between that and hearing me cackle away, he’s more than likely trying to figure out how he’ll stash my body, and if my family will help him.

They probably will. They sure do like him a lot.



5 thoughts on “Why “It Seemed Like A Good Idea” May Be The Last Thing I Ever Say”

  1. Cracking up…you are funny! As a fellow ADDer, I totally get your sense of humour.
    “It seemed a good idea at the time” is our mantra and now that I am 57 years into life, this mantra oftentimes makes me appear, to those without a sense of humour, silly and foolish. However, I care little what they think as long as I am amused, which is what is most important LOL

    1. Heya jeg!
      Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting!
      It’s so nice to have someone get my humor! 😉
      Actually-I’d say it looks as though we share the same
      kind of views (follow the funny) and that’s awesome. 🙂

  2. Ok, not sure which is funnier, “I’ll have the big Dick”, because I would have laughed my ass off on that one. Or the sign on the door. He who laughs last, may die first. I really need to remember that one.
    By the way, nice to meet you CeeLee.

    1. Hiya! 🙂

      Welcome to my blog~I’m glad you liked the post.
      I assure you, the pleasure is all mine 😉

      Believe it or not, the guy was maddest
      about the sign on my office door.

      I asked him why and
      he told me that even though he had a sense of humor
      he was going to die first, because of my sense of humor.

      Could be that he has a point there. 😉

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