An ADHD Mom And Singing The Lint Trap Blues

Some days are diamonds, some days just Suck…

Take a wild guess on the weekend I’m having, I dare you. Wandering about a house that looks as though a cyclone of pigs touched down and camped out, doing my best to clean around the body of one redneck man who is duty bound to watch every single excruciating moment of NasCar, lest the Fairy of Shriveled Manhood visit (oh the horror) and a much smaller, though way more vocal body of an 8 year old boy, who is duty bound to save Princess Peach at all cost, lest the Fairy of Un-Cool visit,  (oh the terror) neither body has even made an attempt to offer to help, not even for the sake of good form. Suffice it to say, I’m not in the world’s best of moods.

The lint trap of my mind

While my humor may be MIA, it doesn’t mean I can’t seek alternative ways to exact my revenge. I’ve found that the irony of my ADHD is that while I may forget to tie my shoes, I never forget any quirks, secrets, and all other potentially embarrassing little facts. Even as I’m typing this out, I’m being treated to simultaneous serenades of the fail theme and groans from Wii and screeching tires and groans from my SO, both are blissfully unaware of the warning signs right in front of them. A. I’ve disappeared. B. I’m typing. They may be slow on the uptake but they’re catching on.

I moonlight as the Fairy of Embarrassment

My Mom senses are tingling, I think the kid has caught wind of his Mom’s nefarious pecking from above the shouts and screams of someone dying badly in battle for the Princess and the shouts and grunts uttered from my SO, who wishes that someone were losing badly. I knew my kid has his Mom’s abilities, how cool is that? It’s too bad though, the Fairy of Embarrassment has visited and now both of my 2 favorite guy’s fates are sealed. I really need to work on the kid’s timing. That way he wouldn’t be so mortified as he is now. Oh I can’t wait til he goes to school tomorrow, he’s going to be real popular!

ADHD Mom intent on revenge!


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