Thanksgiving-Dinner And A Show

As long as I Stay Away from My Family
Thanksgiving…Time To Be Thankful

Bring out the gestures…1,2,3…

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year, isn’t it? When families come together and eat, drink, and make merry. That’s why I prefer to stay far away from mine. Their idea of fun is to play the game of Dumb Shit Done By Family Members. They pick out the dumbest thing done by a family member during the entire year (I think they vote on it)  and then they wallop that poor wretched and usually unsuspecting relative (usually me) by airing that screw up loudly while laughing at them. All for the general merriment of everyone gathered. Since I’m the all time reigning champ, I’m usually the first one to hit the door running.

It’s all part of the comedy…

While my family is large, and loud, and has a great time during the holidays, my SO’s family makes mine look like a bunch of old women at a tea party. These people are off the chain and for one such as myself (evil) they never fail to provide a veritable cornucopia of comedy, just waiting to happen. Best of all, it never includes me. This year was no exception. The first impromptu giggle came, as we all sat down to dinner. Everyone started eating the turkey, all commenting on how good it was. My guy told his mom thanks for cooking it, and she never so much as batted an eyelash as she said “Yeah, well, we had to get rid of it anyway, it’s been in my freezer for three years“.

I’m still laughing and I’m doing it loud…

As if it had been choreographed, the very next sound was people spitting, children yelling, forks clattered from shocked hands, and then the whole room had a problem with the color spectrum, because their faces were instantly green. I know this because I took pictures. My son and I weren’t concerned, we both had decided to stick with the honey baked ham, so we had dinner….and a show. I’m so thankful for what I have today. A full belly and a ton of blackmail pics! Life is good.


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