Murphy’s Law, Life And A Birthday That Didn’t Suck

I Still Feel Like A New Mustang-Make Mine A GT500 Please
I Still Feel Like A New Mustang-Make Mine A GT500 Please

It’s official~I’m 30+ plus

I’ve actually had a really decent birthday so far. I guess the Law of Averages got together with Murphy’s Law and they both had to concede that I was long overdue for a quiet, calm birthday. I imagine that they then sent out an urgent memo to Life, to cease and desist all activity until December 11th. Life probably protested vehemently, maybe even whined loudly and then stomped up and down over having to be held at bay for a whole 24 hours. All whining and stomping aside, I know tomorrow will suck, because I know the Law of Averages, Murphy’s Law and Life. All 3 are probably in collaboration now, just aching and waiting and arguing over what to wallop me with first, right at the stroke of midnight.

I’m actually a bit fearful

A day with no catastrophic pie in the face type of surprises, which is what usually happens to me. Forgive me, I’m ever so slightly on edge. I’m not used to this. It’s still early, still plenty of time left, to bite me on the ass. I’ve got to say that getting my wish that I make every year and one that usually doesn’t happen, did today and it rocked. I wish every year for snow flurries, people, get your mind out of the gutter. Nothing  wild and crazy like…a male stripper in a cake or anything. Not that I would say no to such an occurrence, far from it! I’ll leave that wish alone for now, after all, my son is here, and I’m not that pervy, no I am pervy, totally pervy but…this isn’t coming out like I had intended-never mind. He does go to bed at nine. Jus’  sayin’…

I do have more birthday wishes but I forgot them

If getting old means not caring so much about things that don’t really matter, or better equipping me to deal with Life’s road bumps via forgetfulness, well hell, sign me up! I could use a healthy dollop of early onset dementia. Coming from the ADHD chick who denied her own hair from conjugal visits to the stylist for 2 years, sometimes forgets to tie her shoe laces, but never forgets a single piece of music trivia, I’d say that it would be as close to perfect as it gets. I don’t need your rockin’ chair. I do my rockin’ on the stage. My body’s middle aged but it ain’t impaired. I don’t need a rocking chair but I sure would appreciate a well built male nurse with great big…stethoscope-what were you thinking?

No, I didn’t forget my plunge

My son thinks that having snow flurries on my birthday is sufficient reason to postpone my heart attack via cold ass water. I think he may be superstitious, but I sure won’t complain! Heart attack rescheduled for a non-snow flurry day. Scuz me, I need to blow out a hellacious amount of candles. Looks like a damn bonfire. I wonder if there is any actual cake under that…

We Both Made A BDay Wish
This is the Display Cake-We Burned the Real One Up

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