My Music My Memories And The Wild Side

Greatest Hits (2009 Mötley Crüe album)
Greatest Hits (2009 Mötley Crüe album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smacked in the face with a memory

Have you ever had something startle you into a memory clear out of the blue? Going along, doing your thing, and it just seems to fall right out of the sky and land on your face?

Yeah, that kind.

Of course, if you’re anything like me, not that I’m insinuating that you are, then you’re locked into remembering whatever it was, and with such intensity that for a minute or two, it feels as though you’re almost drowning in it.

Music does this to me every so often. Not every piece of music, mind you, I’d never leave the house, just certain ones.

 Some people use pictures, I use music…

I realize this may give you the erroneous impression that I’m weird. I’m really not. I mean, I don’t go collect knives, I can go out in the sunlight without getting deep fried, and full moons don’t cause me to sprout unladylike sprigs of hair or suddenly have meat based urges.  It puts the lotion in the basket!  Eh…I digress.

I’m not weird despite all appearances to the contrary

So when I hear one of those songs, it feels as though I’ve been zapped right back to that point in my life. Some of those music notes are good, some bad and some are on the Richter of Aw HELL no type of suck.

For just a very few seconds, I’m living and breathing from that mindset in that particular moment. Maybe it’s my ADHD, maybe it’s not.

Okay, I’m getting that ‘I think you’re strange’ vibe from you-will you just chill out? It makes me less nervous.

I’m doin’ time on the Wild Side

Tonight for some unknown reason its, ( I know how this dates me into instant geezerhood when I type this but…) it’s um…Motley Crue’s (if you have no idea who I’m referring to, then you’re either too young or REALLY old) songs from a llongg time ago.

Like, Girls Girls Girls and Wild Side. In my own defense, I was very young, like,  infant young, when those hits came out. Well, no, not that young, but not a teen. Er…wait. I was a teen, but a damn young one! I get it, I’m old now, but that’s beside the point entirely.

So, have you? You know, have you ever been struck dead in your tracks by a memory? Or did you forget my point already? My job here is finished.

It’s all in a day’s pay on the Wild Side.


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