Our Christmas: The Good News And The Weird

Everything Was Done
Everything Was Done

The Good News Is…

First things first. The good news is… no one shot their eye out. I think I can honestly say, I’ve had an intense Christmas holiday, and that’s putting it mildly. Not exactly the fun kind of intense like, “Whoaaa that was intense! Let’s do it again!” type, but rather the “Um…yeah, so let’s all go sleep for a week and regain our frazzled equilibrium and then regroup. Valium anyone?” Yeah, that kind. Such is life though, when living with small ankle biters, both the human and canine variety.

The tree was decorated on time
The tree was decorated on time

While Not Perfect, Christmas Went Okay

The Christmas tree was put up and decorated, the gifts were bought and distributed to their intended recipients and the worries I’m usually assaulted with each year, were successfully conquered. Sort of. In short, everything got done, there was good ole family bonding going on, kids laughing, adults yelling, “Hey! That was my coffee you just shot that dart into!”, these are the good things that I’ll remember fondly. Gazillions of pictures and tons of video shot, great blackmail for when the first dating experience happens. Life is good. All was okay, maybe off kilter, but okay. And that was precisely when that things got strange. But that’s a story for tomorrow, scuz me,  I really need to sleep for 6 hours, uninterrupted. In the meantime, Merry Christmas y’all!

This is just before it got weird
This is just before it got weird

2 thoughts on “Our Christmas: The Good News And The Weird”

    1. Hi there and thank you!
      I hope you had a good Christmas too 🙂

      Why thank you!
      I hope your Christmas went well too 🙂

      Let out that baited breath and wonder no further
      Just like the postman, I do deliver 😉

      And as an added bonus, the post
      can always be used as an insomnia aide! 😉

      All I can say in my defense, is sadly, it’s all true! LOL

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