And Then There Was The Weird-My Christmas Gift

Hey CeeLee, you are a cliche'! Ha Ha Ha
Hey CeeLee, you ARE a cliche’! Har Har Har

CeeLee, the straight man to Life’s Comedy…

So while Christmas went better than I had any right to expect, and it did, well…for the most part. (I do have to get my aunt back for giving my son the Gak Maker). If you don’t know what it is, count yourself among the lucky, as it’s almost exactly like what it sounds like, and I’ll leave it at that. So no major calamity landed on my head, no drama, and that’s when I should’ve seen it coming. It was the perfect set up when I think about it now, but nope, I never even heard it sneak up on me til it vibrated my jeans pocket and made me yip. Figures. Damn those cells, never vibrating at the right time.

It’s the ghost of your past calling…No! Really!

 Seriously? So, now I have the…what? Ghost of Christmas’es Past calling me?! Awesome…Just what I really wanted, how didja know? I mean this just sucks the ole hairy jingle bells. I’ve the indignity of having to suffer through a done to death Charles Dicken’s story??? Who’s running this production anyway? I think I need to really complain to higher management. Where’s my agent? The worst part this whole thing is that it’s true. I can’t make this crap up, I’m just not that good! But it happened. And on Christmas Eve, no less. With the timing that only life could have.

Sometimes really sucky things have a hidden agenda

Cue the comedy laugh track. Enter stage right, the old flame that broke CeeLee’s heart umpteen million years ago, yeehaw! On Christmas Eve, around 9 or so, my past came back for one last curtain call. This was the 1 guy I loved with that wild type of reckless abandon that makes me grin and cringe when I recall it now. I had it bad for him and for 3 years, he had it bad for me. It was the last time I was completely me, without all my um…inner dialogue in the back ground. You know… hang ups, baggage, mind crap, mind monkies (What? You don’t have them?) whatever you call it. Long story short, he broke my heart and it took years to come back from it. But I did.

My gift was a glimpse into what life would’ve been like had I chosen differently

I had always wondered what my life would’ve been like, had I gone a different route with that guy. Aw, gimme a break, I was in my early twenties. Gawd help me, I’ve wished that it had gone differently, more than a few times, in the years since. I don’t anymore. Because I got to see exactly what would have been and oh hot damn, it was an eye opener to say the least. I was able to kick a door closed on something that had been on my periphery for a long time and I was given the answers I needed so desperately to know. Hell yeah.

C’mon, ask me, I know the suspense is making you sleepy. So how did it go?

Let me cut to the chase. At the time it all went down, I thought it sucked. I hated everything and everyone for a long time. I didn’t think it was fair what happened. But…I was wrong. I chose…WISELY. I would’ve missed out on the things I hold most dear now. This was the best gift I’ve been given in years. I closed that chapter and am thrilled that I’m not still that naive chick who didn’t have a clue. Now I have several clues and I’m so glad that my life sucked so badly then so that it would suck less, now! See my handsome beau flipping me the bird with a Christmas ornament? Yeah, I would’ve missed out on all that!

Isn't That Sweet? Oh How Sweet~He's Flipping Me The Bird
Isn’t That Sweet? He’s Flipping Me The Bird

8 thoughts on “And Then There Was The Weird-My Christmas Gift”

    1. I’m glad you liked it LOL
      Oh my guardian angel definitely
      is on salary basis with me, probably wants a raise too.
      It’s a hard job~keeping me out of trouble 😉

  1. I’ve been able to do this with two guys I dated before. The one guy, he still has the engagement ring and I still have the wedding dress, although it’s in the trunk of my car for the consignment shop! The other guy, yeah…I’m so glad I picked my husband! But I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has crazy stuff happen!

    1. Howdy! 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting~you rock LOL

      Rest assured you are not alone heh
      Crazy stuff happening? Yeah…welcome to my world! LOL
      The only thing I can anticipate is being unable to anticipate a damn thing 😉

      Glad it turned out well for you though, nice to dodge a bullet huh? 🙂

    2. I’m with ya there…LOL
      Seeing the alternative
      to what could’ve been? (shudder)
      was more than enough to scare me silly! 🙂

  2. There is something about that Christmas magic that I always love. These are the kinds of stories that keep it alive in me.
    Glad you had a past chapter closed in a good way.

    1. Ah, me too, Balkin 🙂
      I’m usually a too little, too late chick…
      My timing, despite my enduring love of music, sucks!
      This was one I can count as a victory and is
      one I’m very happy to have chosen wisely on! 🙂

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