Goodbye 2012-It Was A Helluva Ride

Where's The Dummy Manual?!
Where’s The Dummy Manual?!

My son say’s that 2012 was ‘amazing’…Yeah, um, No

My 2012 was a year that has had all the charm of riding in the very first car on a runaway roller coaster. All my efforts were concentrated on simply surviving the ride with my lunch intact. My cell never rang with good news, or so it seemed. It rang for a heart attack, it rang for injuries, and for a gazillion illnesses, though for the very worst of news, it was silent. Before you begin weeping for me in your cup of coffee, share it! And then know that it wasn’t all bad. Because even in my world, some of the rules still apply. What goes down, must also come up. Eventually.

What goes down, still has to come up

I also had some victories, conquered some fears, slayed a few personal demons. Not many of them, and not a single one that will help save all mankind from self destruction, no, but still important to me. 

  • I marked a 1 year anniversary doing a job that my SO said upon first hearing about it and then, periodically ever since, that I would never keep, much less be successful at. But I did and I am. I remind him on the daily for that and it tickles me to no end.
  • I started writing for more than just me. I showed my son that taking a risk can be worth more than just having the story to talk about later. I may never be able to quit that day job that I’m succeeding at, true, but I’m enjoying the hell out of both. That job and the chance to write. So riddle me this…how do you make CeeLee scream?

What to give a ADHD tech challenged middle aged woman…hmmm…

How about…oh let’s see….more tech equipment to make her smile even as tears of frustration roll! Let’s gift her with more tech to smirk at her and so many more chances to relieve some stress when she snaps and yells at it , oh most definitely! A new camera, one she needs to take a tutorial on, just to turn it on. Yeah, that’s good but, hmmm…. A lapdock for the smartphone she has yet to conquer! Yeah… better but still not…quite…oh! I know! How about a real surprise and one she’ll never see coming! How about her very 1st ever, brand new (40 miles on it) car, equipped with more tech than she knows how to use and make them all voice control. Like XM radio, because we know how she loves her music and be sure to make that car a 6 speed manual that will tell (nag) her when to shift, despite her 15 years experience driving stick, and…what the hell, have it email her when a tire is low. Yeah! That’s evil! It’s perfect!

 I have a lot of tech to inflict my ignorance on, in this new year

You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been in the car the last hour, parked in my own driveway, and playing with the radio. See, I’m afraid to drive because it’s like driving with my Mom. Or my guy. I hate be told I’m doing it wrong from them, but trust me on this, it’s a million times more embarrassing to have the nagging coming from my own damn car! I think I have performance anxiety. I think I need coffee. But my car told my Keurig just how sub par my driving skills are and now my Keurig wants no part of me.  So goodbye 2012, I’m glad to shake the dust of you off my feet for good. It’s time to play.

Like Driving with a Driving Instructor
Like Driving with a Driving Instructor

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