Nightmares And An ADHD Village Idiot

Seriously Weird Nightmares
Oh Look! I Can Dry My Hair While I Take A Bath!

I’m a mostly well adjusted woman despite my slammin it down and stomping on it brand of ADHD 

In reality, I’m a fairly level headed chick, with just a few odd quirks that may occasionally peep out, “May you live long and prosper“.  And you gotta trust me on this, but I’m definitely one of the least likely people you’ll ever have the dubious pleasure of meeting, to suddenly hurl herself over a cliff or play with the hair dryer while taking a bath but-you’d never know it from the person I am, in my dreams. I’m a tad concerned.

Why do I have the starring role as the village idiot from every scary movie in my dreams?

I’m beginning to think that my dream self has some whacked out unexplained death wish. I transform from someone who is mostly reality-based into one of the dumbest, natural selection at work people you’d ever meet. No, really. Picture the dream me as the slack jawed mo-ron that decides to go check out the sound coming from down in the basement in every scary movie you’ve ever seen. Especially the movies that have eerie ghost voices issuing from wherever whispering , “I’m going to get youuu CeeLee“, or something to that effect, and that’s me. I’m a bit insulted. I could at least be a super model if I have to highside it every damn time, but nooo…

Don't Be Ridiculous! Nothing's Down Here!
Don’t Be Ridiculous! Nothing’s Down Here!

In my dreams I run at danger, not away from it…yeah that figures…

What’s the usual outcome of these movies? Correctamundo!  One that ultimately ends with an untimely demise and usually on the extremely gruesome and grisly side. I don’t think the dream me has actually met the real me. When I’m awake and more or less coherent, I’m the one running away from drama, trauma, and all that mess. So why the hell do I have to dream that I run, not walk, off a friggin’ cliff?  That is sooo not me. My dream self is under the delusion that I’m some kind of a superhero.

No need to call Freud, he’s in my dreams too

Yeah, we could always say that I’m running from some issue that I need to face, sure. That’s not why I have my undies in a wad. The problem I have with this whole thing is, if I need to face something-tell me! Spell it out instead of taking me out in a bazillion ways that have been done to death. No pun and it’s seriously sad. Seriously. I’ll never think that today is the day I try to fly, work on my tan on the train tracks, or go down in the basement in the dark. You can shove those nifty ideas right up your ass, you got the wrong lady. Er…wait. The one with Steve Zahn? Yeah, I’ll be his idiot. What? He’s funny!

Steve Zahn Will Save Me
Steve Zahn Will Save Me

2 thoughts on “Nightmares And An ADHD Village Idiot”

  1. Ahaha! So glad to know that I am not the only who spends her sleeping hours trapped in a universe of insanity! We adult ADHD sufferers must stick together. Do you love to fidget?

    1. Hey there and welcome to the swimming pool!
      (certified shark free and ADD/ADHD friendly) 😉

      Absolutely we must stick together, it’s a jungle out there!
      Normal people everywhere! Rational, logical, irritating.
      Forever asking weird questions like,
      “Are you sane? (I think so)
      What made you think, do, say (insert anything here) was a good idea?!
      I dunno…it just seemed like it would be?

      Do I love to fidget, hmmm…
      Does a bear…LOL
      Make that a big yes! In fact, I am right now. 😉

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