CeeLee’s Photo Shoot With The New Camera

Too Cold To Sit In It Though
Our Porch Swing

Just like a kid with a new toy~

I’m an ole chick with a new camera, so same difference…

I went out today and played for a few minutes with my new camera. Since I’ve been fairly confident of my mastery and successful application of the information I learned today from skimming the user manual and think I know how to turn it on, the sky’s the limit! Hmmm…well sort of. Now I have to choose between all these settings, F-Stops? (sounds slightly naughty)  shutter speeds, zoom, auto mode for dummies, panoramic view-you know what? Forget this, I’m a newbie! Auto it is.

Here are my first shots up for giggles.

My Spoiled Rott In Her Own Bed

My Spoiled Rott With Her Own Bed

Our Equally Spoiled Cat

Our Equally Spoiled Cat


A Self Portrait…

Self Portrait-hehe



8 thoughts on “CeeLee’s Photo Shoot With The New Camera”

  1. Is it me or does it look like the rotty has a second face at his front leg.
    And spoiled rott and kitty are a good thing.
    and hehee on the self portrait.

    1. Howdy! 🙂

      I looked and you’re right-
      it does like a though there is a 2nd head
      on my spoiled brat of a Rott. LOL

      Fear not, though definitely in the brat category,
      she has no mutant or hell hound tendencies
      (unless you’re the mailman or FedEx)
      For the self portrait, I sure do clean up good, don’t I? LOL

  2. Sexy, “self pic!” Although I can’t quite tell what your trying to step on??!! BTW, those instructions are designed to leave you with one thought: What sick mind wrote this thing anyway?

    Enjoy the camera…and leave it on “Auto” for now!


  3. Great fun, those cameras. I got a new one too recently. Actually it’s an older one which had gotten put away for a while. After fiddling around with it, trying to take a pic of the “super moon,” I’ll be lucky if they don’t put the camera, (and me), down completely. Just enough technology to fluster an ol’ man in the prime of his declining years!

    Take care, CeeLee.

    1. I’m known as the cam/vid sniper in my family, I feel your pain LOL

      Cameras, laptops, well…ALL tech drives me nuts!
      Ah, but it’s a love/hate thing and the attraction appears mutual LOL

      I hope to conquer my tech lack soon~
      but it’s the trip to get to that point, that makes it worthwhile.
      To me anyway. My vict-er…family may not agree 😉

    2. I completely agree with the love/hate thing over tech-stuff! It’s cool to use, but learning everything that it can do, and how to make it do that stuff, is a pain in the “south side of a north bound chicken!

      When they come up with a completely voice-activated computer that does everything you tell it to, then I’ll be happy!

      Kinda like the Star Trek computers…I’ll take one of those computers and a couple of phasers to go! And a transporter too…that’d be super…

      Well maybe our kids, or their kids, will see such stuff. Until then, I’m afraid we have to write comments like this one…”dang technology, anyway!”

      Keep “clicking” away and posting that good reading, CeeLee!

      Take care,
      Jeff 🙂

    3. Oh Lawd have mercy, he went and mentioned Star Trek LOL
      You do realize I’m a closet (sshh, it’s a secret) Trekkie,right?
      I am though, admittedly a biased one, as I tend to be a fan of the original series…
      I think that still counts though.

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