Finding Inspiration Is Easier Than You Think

Inspiration is Everywhere
Inspiration is Everywhere

Finding inspiration can be tough

I’m trying to follow the general idea I had when I created my non bucket list and am trying to be more positive. Yeahhh…well, it’s Friday. My positively ADHD brain is telling me that my inspiration bank is on dead empty and it wants to be fed. Now. It’s been a weird week and nothing appeals. Trying to take joy in the little things can be a challenge on most Fridays but especially on Saturdays, when there is no such thing as routine and is about as much fun as cooking bacon while naked. You can do it, but it won’t be pretty. That’s when it hit me. A realization, not bacon grease. All you have to do is look around you.

Let’s go to the movies and do some bonding time

Let’s take the movie industry. Ever wonder what these guys might’ve been doing, to come up with just the right title for a B grade and below, scary movie? I wondered if I could work a conversation around it. So I did.

~Honey I’m bored. Wanna have some bonding time while we watch I hear they’re not just wild, but dead and wild! No? Lemme see what else is available.  Hmmm…hungry? How about…Sodium Babies? We’re all out of the sugar ones, but this should give you 100% of the daily recommended requirement. Right. You’re on a low sodium diet, I forgot. ~

~Have some low sodium pork rinds instead. Isn’t it nice, just the 2 of us-hey! I’m in here, remember? We don’t allow any Silent But Deadly emissions here! That was so not the dog! You should be feeling Maximum Shame for that one. Thanks a lot! I’ll probably get a whopping case of Pink Eye from being exposed to the fumes. Seriously, what did you eat?! ~

~The smell is still here and all by itself would knock out an insect in mid flight! Quit laughing. There, you happy? You turned me into a Nail Biter. You better hope and pray I don’t sic the Pigeons From Hell on you. What I really want to do to you is…don’t touch that! Have you lost your mind? Eeww! Nasty! Go decontaminate yourself. Didn’t your mom teach you never to touch The Bong Of The Dead!

Ta Da! Inspiration!

These are some of the actual titles of horror movies I saw, well I didn’t see them per say, I have better taste than that. No, no, that’s not exactly true. Actually, I was laughing so hard that I got all the inspiration I needed just by reading them aloud. I’m not making a single one up, I swear. Now wasn’t that easy?  It’s just a matter of changing our perception. Inspiration is literally everywhere, even in my house. No that’s not right. Especially in my house!

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...
Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the Living Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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