Home Soil And Rain: Inside An ADHD Mind

Home is the Soil of Life
Home is the Soil of Life

Home is where I run

Home is a sanctuary, the calm oasis inside a mind bombarded by distractions, deadlines, and yes, from bright shiny objects too. It’s the place I seek refuge in, when I find myself embroiled in the current drama of the day and am in desperate need of a reality check. I can hold the outside world at bay, even if only for a while. The place we all call home-calls to me.

Take today for example. It’s quiet in here, only the tapping of a keyboard, the sound of a heater and the snore of a spoiled Rott are heard. All too soon, I know, that will change. Things to do, places to go, rush here, rush there.  But for the moment, I’m savoring the peace and quiet of a Friday morning.

My soil definitely needs no fertilizer!

The soil of the imagination for an ADHD chick like me is always fertile. My imagination is forever producing crops with labels such as, “But why? ” and “What would happen if ” Always seeking the answers to make more sense of a world that to me, that makes about as much sense as… fishin’ in the dark. Someone keeps changing the rules when I least expect it. The words stability and consistency need not apply, I can count on not counting on anything.

“I never liked the rain,

til I walked through it with you”

Rain is inevitable, trying to stop it is as futile as my stopping the aging process. It’s going to happen, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it but to lie back and think of the Queen. Wait, wrong thing. Okay, I do like the rain, love hearing it when inside my home and having nowhere to go and no one jumping up and down or making demanding gestures to gain my immediate attention. It rains a lot here, more than it should, but I can’t stop it. I just know that…every storm runs out of rain, and I use that as comfort for when it is raining here and there seems to be no end in sight.

Told you I think in music lyrics! Now ask me about parenting with ADHD  😉

We Do Not Need  Extra Rain!
We Do Not Need Extra Rain!

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