Being Clark Kent Of ADHD World">A Mask</a> by George Hodan
I Am…CeeLee!

Hurricane warnings

I know I look like a mild mannered chick but that’s my disguise. Actually, I’m the Clark Kent of the ADHD world. My nickname is Hurricane and I’m surrounded on all sides by chaos. Loping over normality in a single stumble. I take the most routine, the most typical no-brainer type of task and turn it into a snarling knot monster, confusing normal law abiding citizens with a mere glance, hurdling past your sad little perceptions and doing it all before breakfast, I am...CeeLee! Haha! Feel my power, you pitiful earthlings!

 My fantasies of the mundane variety 

Yeah. So when I fantasize, it tends to be about being sedate, calm, and being normal. I close my eyes, and I let my imagination break free of it’s moorings, to morph into anything and everything I’m really not. I become CeeLee the Efficient, CeeLee the Sophisticate, CeeLee the Productive. Able to hold a decent conversation without stumbling over words, deftly maneuvering through the slalom course of daily living without a single crash and burn, bringing a To Do List to it’s knees by completion in a single day. I am invincible! I am powerful, I am…(hey! Watch the cape!) sigh ADHD. This is what it feels like. But maybe it’s not me….

Slow down? No, you catch up!

I’m thinking that it’s you, you normal people who are the ones lacking, not I. A Hurricane doesn’t slow down, it plows through anything in it’s path. It is you, you weak earthlings, who slow me down. Since we all know how well that’s worked in the past, let’s try something different. Catch up! Quit slowing me down, you’re killin’ me! Try doing things like I do and let’s see if that doesn’t work better, for the good of all mankind.

If you were a super hero

What? I need to stop watching sci fi…where did you get that? You don’t know who you’re dealing with! I am CeeLee! I am…late for work again. Great. See? You earthlings and your power! Slowing me down, making me late, it’s your fault! Hmmm…I wonder if I can use that as an excuse….What kind of super hero would you be? If you think about stuff like that I mean. Surely I’m not the only one out there that does. Would you be of the Super Hero or Super Villain kind? Fight the good fight or the one to start it? Would you be the super sexy or the uber ugly? Right now, I think I’ll settle for the super on time!

Watch Me Leap Over Reality In A Single Bound
Watch Me Leap Over Reality In A Single Bound

4 thoughts on “Being Clark Kent Of ADHD World”

    1. I’m glad I was found! 🙂
      And it tickles me to know
      the posts are being enjoyed too!

      Maybe we should start a club…
      Us against the Normal People!
      (they hate that nickname )

      Hey, it beats a stick to the eye
      so I hear anyway 🙂

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