If I Die Before I Wake: My Eulogy

http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=26320&picture=isolated-stone-cross">Isolated Stone Cross</a> by Petr Kratochvil
Here Lies CeeLee

Here Lies CeeLee

she lived her life as best she could…

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Guess who’s dead?

Ha ha! 

It’s certainly not you!

No? Too silly? I have this…

When I was younger, I thought to set the world afire,
Inspiring others,
inciting actions born of passion,
Such was my zest for life,
such was my fervent belief in doing the things you most love

 I grew older, my understanding of the world
with its ever changing rules and confusing social norms
oh how they confounded me, disheartened me
though I packed up my fairy tales with regrets
I elected to keep my dreams close around me,
retreating deep within my imagination,
to my calm oasis, that was undeterred by reality

I held tight to my enthusiasm, I dared to go my way
I followed my own rules, lived and loved on my terms
I learned hard lessons, and some more than once

I learned how to love another
and I learned how to let go
I hope to have meant something to someone
if I made a difference along my way
if I made someone better for knowing me, I can rest

So if I die before I wake
let it be known
CeeLee loved life, and she LIVED life,
She never gave up on her dreams

Now let’s party!


There once was a woman named CeeLee…


6 thoughts on “If I Die Before I Wake: My Eulogy”

    1. You know what they say…
      crazy is as crazy-yeah that’s me 😉 LOL

      Oh and thank you! 🙂
      That’s a helluva compliment,
      especially from the person whose blog ROCKS btw
      I found it yesterday and love it! 🙂
      Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      It didn’t quite turn out the way I had planned,
      I really need to learn patience I think.

      I’m quick to hit the pub button
      and then gripe because I see typos
      (heh not me, right?) 😉
      and editing nightmares, but-I’m learning.
      I hope! 🙂

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