Kicking Down Your Door With My Versatility

You LIKE Me!

Allow me to introduce myself…


They say I’m…


adj. Variable or inconstant; changeable.


adj. cra·zi·ercra·zi·est  Affected with madness; insane.

My name is…(what?)

My name is…(who?)

I try to find humor in all of my life’s snafus, I write on the fly and I fly by the seat of my pants. I also have a rip and roar case of ADHD (“Oh waiter, I’ll have the Adderall with the Excedrin chaser, if you please“) and am currently in peace treaty talks with all things tech, in hopes of resolving the vendetta they hold against me (Let me just step right in, I’ve got things to invent, I’m an innovator baby, change the world). But I’ll bet you didn’t know…

Random and Completely True Facts

  • My heroes of comedy are Mel Brooks, Russell Howard, Dave Barry.
  • I have a secret office supply fetish. I lust for everything from notebooks to post it notes, they just do it for me. I don’t use them… I just collect them. I don’t know why
  • My heart beats in 4/4 time. Music is my thing baybee and don’t you forget it. My taste ranges from Strawberry Alarm Clock to Nekko Case to Jimmy Buffett to-yeah…everything but yodeling.
  • I’m no redneck but I can speak it fairly well, “YYEAHH!” (I still have no clue why guys yell that, I’m thinking it may be a mating call)
  • I can quote from anything from Star Trek Wrath of Khan at will “He tasks me” and can speak a smidge of Klingon. ‘IwlIj jachjaj’ but I don’t exactly holler that in a moment of passion, just so we’re all clear on that.
  • I think I have a bulls eye on my ass or I’m a supercharged magnet, take your pick. I attract trouble like none other. “That never happens!” is heard on the daily in my house. Among other less polite phrases, usually from me.
  • There is one small boy that I have gone to hell and back for, and I likely will again. He brings the very best out in me. He’s the one who inspired this blog, I’m doing it for him. I did it because he told me I could and I did. He is my why.
  • Despite my ADHD and attraction to bright shiny objects, I’m a detail queen. Want to throw me in a tailspin? Spring something on me, I dare ya! See how pretty I look under pressure, with my eyes glowing red, and my horns showing. (Let me just step right in, I’m slick and you’re apple-argh! dammit people I’m ADHD not a machine!)

My name is…CeeLee

I owe so much thanks to FaceLikeAFryingPan for both finding and nominating me for the most versatile blog. Think I have some killer blog posts? Yeah, right. I can dream, can’t I? Anyway, try the runaway cheese on for size. Thanks to this nomination, I’ve found a whole new group of people to hang with! Oh yeah, and my name is…CeeLee. And don’t you forget it because you’re in the adult pool and you better know how to swim! Booyah.

Time to pass the award on to more bloggers…

  • Here are the rules as I understand them, for accepting and then passing the award to the next awesome blogger you read.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • List 7 random things about you in your acceptance post and don’t forget to put the award pic on your acceptance post.
Shark Free~ADHD Friendly!
Shark Free~ADHD Friendly!

4 thoughts on “Kicking Down Your Door With My Versatility”

  1. OMG! I, too, have an office supply fetish. One of our long-time Canadian retailers (Zellers) is going out of business (got muscled out by Target) and I was there today getting pens and paper and everything stationery (and pretty much everything that wasn’t stationary) for 40% off!!! It was bliss.
    Um. I can’t speak Klingon, but I am fluent in Ubbi Dubbi. Yubour Nubame ubis CubeeLubee (Your name is CeeLee)

    1. …sits back from laptop screen grinning…
      Crap, I need to remember that you can’t SEE my grin!

      So this is so frickin’ awesome!
      I’m not the only one with office supply fetish?! WooHoo!
      Crazy because I look at it, and admire it…and then…
      I take out my little army men…LOL
      Nah, just wanted to get a reaction 😉

      And Ubbi Dubbi, oh I’m sooo in the right place!
      Thank you for all you’ve done for me, it means a lot
      to an ADHD aspiring writer suffering from
      tech ignoramousness 😉

  2. I have been a huge fan of Mel Brooks since the first time I saw Blazing Saddle. I had never heard of Russell Howard before reading this blog so I had to google him and now I have to seek out more of his comedy.
    I also may not be a redneck but I am surrounded by them so I at least have some understanding. YYEEEAAAHHH can be used in many different situations. Like while watching sports it means “did you see that play man you gotta watch the replay.”. At an event like a tractor pull, “that is my favorite truck watch what this thing can do.”, and is usually made many times during the event. And as a mating call.
    So in closing I say QAPLA, and live long and prosper.

    1. Ah yes…Blazing Saddles…
      (scuz me while I whip this owt) LOL
      And Young Frankenstein, so many others.

      Russell Howard, now he’s amazing 🙂
      I like his Right Here, Right Now stand up-
      and he’s kinda cute too but safe from me
      (in case he were to ever visit here, which he won’t, but if he did)

      Well hell, I’m glad to have this “Yeah” stuff translated~
      Thank you! Gotta tell ya though-in full disclosure
      You better watch out, I’ll have you guest posting
      if you aren’t careful! LOL

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