Laughter And Revenge Are My Meds Of Choice

 I could totally do the “Oh woe is me”, thing today

I could whine. I could tell you all about how this week has rated higher on the suck factor than usual. I really could. And I want to, I do, but that would probably backfire on me.  See, if I were to dwell over what’s made me so blue, how it’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week,  today especially, it’d drive nice normal people insane with boredom. I much prefer banishing the blues with large, bordering on lethal doses of laughter, and quietly plotting my revenge. I’m betting you do too.

 I think I’ll go with the laugh option

I laugh hardest when things get weird-hey, it’s better than other vices, like…oh I dunno… choking those around you, those who have caused the situation in question to be FUBAR in the first place, but then there’s the quandary of having to apologize for doing something you don’t really feel bad about. Worst though, is thinking everything is A-Ok and finding out that you were wrong. The real surprise ass biters of life. I’ll plan my revenge later, I’m too busy laughing at the moment. 

I know I’m ADHD, do you have to remind me?

Some days I hardly feel different from other people. Other days, I can’t help but notice just how different, how odd, how ADHD I am. Those that live with me, but I’m not mentioning any names (I’m a redneck, YEAH!!!) can really tighten those thumbscrews when they want to and that’s just not fair. Enough of the drama. Without further delay, here’s something that did make me laugh today. I’ll be better tomorrow.
The History of Wooing Men



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