My ADHD, My Son, Our Math Homework Song

Put a smile on your face
Put a smile on your face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His homework, my headache

Ever wonder how hard it can be, having a son who knows just how to distract you from the arduous task of making him understand  how important homework, especially math homework, really is?  Wonder no further. This kid is the grand master of ADHD distraction. Thanks go to my duckling, for his help in collaborating on this project. Of course, he didn’t mind, it let him play before he had to face the music, so to speak.

You can hear what I go through…

I had an idea and this is the result. We wanted to give you a view into how much fun it is, to be around our house on a school night. Don’t be hatin’, we’re just naturally cool like that. Yeah, right….Feel better? You should! 

Singin’ the homework blues <-click the link to hear the battle

These are our real voices and our very real struggle. What’s yours like? Better? Or worse?


Solider versus masked spy

Train, Train by Blackfoot

NASA Countdown; Public Domain

Six Million Dollar Man


4 thoughts on “My ADHD, My Son, Our Math Homework Song”

  1. It’s a toss up which was funnier, the Wooing Men medley or Ducks Song. Ok it was Ducks Song. I gotta say you son has a very contagious laugh. 🙂

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