Snow Days Are Fun For Kids But I’m No Kid

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here’s how our Friday went…

Don’t Ask Me About My Day…

Snow Days Are Fun For Kids
No School! Snow Day! Why Is Mom Smiling Funny?

Ask My Son Instead…He’s Had A Good One

“No School! WooHoo!”

I Didn’t Fare Quite As Well

The Water Pipes Froze…

Frozen Pipes
Water? Ha! We Doan Need No Stinkin’ Water!

And Then Came The Call…

“I’m Broke Down”…Seriously?!

“Hun, I’m Broke Down”

And that pretty much sums it up.

Life in the country. Never dull!


6 thoughts on “Snow Days Are Fun For Kids But I’m No Kid”

  1. Ah to be a kid again, when a day full of snow was a fun thing. The last storm we had, I was working and could not get up one of my customers drive ways. I also had a hard time getting down from where I got to as there is a wall and my car simply wanted to go over said wall.
    I will say I am happy that the wonderful groundhog/weatherman has predicted an early spring. Hey he can’t be any worse than the weathermen on the TV.

    1. I wouldn’t have given my car a choice… LoL
      “You are going over that wall
      and you’re gonna like it”…

      Geesh I think I’m going native!
      All I’m lacking is the requisite “Yeah!”

      Thankfully no pipes were busted and the culprit (a certain unrepentant cat) was apprehended.
      My son had a ball though. Even if the li’l duckling wouldn’t share his energy with one woefully tired and rather dishevelled appearing Mom. 🙂

  2. I can say from experience. All the young ones have all the energy and non of the want to share.
    Good to hear that you had no breakage in the pipes and just some freezing. Ice is easy to get rid of, holes not so much. And bad kitty, no tuna for you.

    1. Several lessons learned, that’s for sure! 🙂
      I just finished wrapping the pipes with those heat wraps
      that are ‘supposed’ to keep them from freezing,
      I’ve boarded up the crawl space so the cat can’t
      do this again and think I’ve had enough fun for the day.
      Yay…country living…LOL

      Now if I can just lay down for a minute…

  3. Might I suggest lighting some candles, pouring a nice glass of your favorite beverage and drawing a nice hot bubble bath.

    And what about this is making me think of Green Acres anyway.

    1. 🙂 You had me at ‘hot bubble bath’
      Frustration, thy name be…CeeLee!
      Calgon will take it all away, I’m sure LOL

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