Conspiracy Theories And HTML5

It's A Conspiracy To Make It LOOK Like I'm Crazy...
It’s A Conspiracy To Make It LOOK Like I’m Crazy…

I dream I hear a Windows error sound and I wake up screaming

My monsters are of the tech variety, rather than the ‘I’m hiding in the closet and gonna stab you‘ variety like normal people. But, I’m not normal anyway. I think I’d welcome that type, maybe even invite them to take a friendly whack at me for fun. Trust me, it’s way better than the alternative. I look at html5 and SEO, keywords, etc and I just freeze. I thought it was my ADHD, I thought it was just me. I was wrong. It’s a conspiracy. 

I’ve got to find my happy place

Mention any of those things in casual conversation and I suddenly have the urge to toss my body in front of the nearest train. These things scare me, partly because of my getting them wrong and the inevitable hilarious (my SO laughed himself into a not getting lucky evening already and the day is young) results, oh yeah, but mostly the fact that I just can’t seem to get them. I’ve spent the better part of the day yelling out my frustrations with newly invented obscene phrases in the direction of a certain smirking laptop at top volume. The laptop doesn’t care, but it is telling all my other tech equipment about it. They think it’s knee slappingly funny.


So please bear with me

Before you make the mistake that my guy did, that earned himself a not so lucky evening, do not ask me about taking classes to remedy this problem. I have. Here are the results. So, please excuse the ever morphing, seeming to be in a state of constant flux, my blog is stuck in. Each time you visit, its a new theme. Never boring here! I hope to have some new changes in place and looking like they should before the weekend is over. Otherwise I’ll be wearing the ever so lovely, designed to show off my curves, form fitting and smoothly sleek straitjacket while laughing and babbling about conspiracies and tech vendettas and html. Have a good weekend!




2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories And HTML5”

    1. Aw…thank you! 🙂
      That’s really awesome to know~
      I’m still working on it but am about to say…
      “I give up, make it stop mocking me!” LOL

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