Peering Through CeeLee’s Shaydes

What Would You Find Behind My Shaydes?

Are you brave enough? 

There are many shaydes to CeeLee, were you courageous enough to draw them aside to peer at what lies behind them. I have quite a few quirks, more than a few annoying habits, and at least a couple of character defects, give or take twenty or ten. Depending on whose opinion you seek. But who doesn’t?  I’m human.

Here there be frustrations

Should you heed the above statements, ascertain that your life insurance policy is up to date and give in to your curiosity, despite all the warnings to the contrary, the foreboding music, the deep voice intoning “Beware!” tell me, what might you expect to find? I have a tendency (annoying habit) to make light of situations that cause me extreme frustration and a wild compulsion to pop Tums by the handful. I seek to find the funny in those times with everything I have, some of which are nowhere near the vicinity of humorous and I do this with as much finesse as the fine motor control exhibited from a candy addict who was just diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. Pretty image huh? 

So it’s  probably not recommended by the Surgeon General

I’m fairly positive that while there are much more preferable outlets, say perhaps like those involving physical activity or practicing inner mental relaxation, yeah, okay, got me there, but I’m thinking I could do much worse than trying to take a turd of a day and polish it up before adding a rose colored shayde of funny to it. Could be me, but it’s not like I’m running amok and creating chaos in the streets.

It’s basic and it’s simple

With or without that shayde, the story would remain but instead of laughing with me, all the while secretly thanking all the powers that be that you aren’t me, you might gaze on for a few moments before shrugging and turning away.  After all, it’s just life, the only difference being that it’s not your life and why bother watching a day of bright shining hell that belongs to  someone you don’t know and have never met? Since you won’t likely be meeting me, there’s no need to take notes to remember for brownie points later.

Damn CeeLee, that’s…deep. You feel okay?

Yeah. I’m okay. I have a rocking headache, my veins pulsing in time with the howling dogs coming from the back yard and embedding within my ears, a hyper kid, and recalcitrant redneck troll, who is glowering at NasCar on a blaring TV, his butt parked on my couch, which is now imbued with the scent of Eau de Wet Dog, a slobbered on carpet in front of said couch , a wrecked bathroom, my best towels now imbued with…see above and…yeah. Turd of a day. So will that be one rose colored shayde or ten? 😉

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Funny...
Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Funny…

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