Now Seeking Mentor; Please Apply Within

hiring (Photo credit: groundswell)

Seeking mentor to tell a wanna be writer where to go

  • Are you a writing enthusiast?
  • Do you have a working and reliable navigation system and are willing and able to help locate, pinpoint, stomp on it with one foot while nailing it to the floor with a hammer, proper GPS coordinates for the determination of a possible direction and destination of a wanna be writer/blogger/novelist/poet?

We want you!

Please respond to these questions

for your application to receive immediate consideration!

  1. Are you capable of telling a confused woman who lives to write, loves to blog, wishes she could make a living at it but doesn’t have a clue where to begin-where to go?
  2.  Can you manage to suppress the giggling over the fact she is woefully tech challenged and needing a course for dummies in the worst way for everything tech and writing related-until she’s out of ear/eye shot?
  3. Do you possess sufficient self control over your tendencies to refrain from suddenly yelling out “Your’e doing it wrong again!” when she screws up for the  17th time running and currently is batting a thousand in the listen to instructions carefully and do as they say department?

Then what are you waiting for?!  

Please for the love of all things holy, we beg you to apply now.


p>Operators are standing by and will even thank you personally, for taking this poor ADHD woman by the hand and saving the world from further infliction of a rudderless and sitting dead in the water wanna be writer/blogger/novelist/poet.


4 thoughts on “Now Seeking Mentor; Please Apply Within”

  1. Well I have the patience to help my dad with his computer dealings. I will be happy when he fully understands what CUT, COPY and PASTE are for and how to use them at least one of the many ways that is possible.

    I have the ability to suppress my giggling, at least until someone else starts giggling first.

    Unfortunately my experience in writing is at the very best just over a year. I understand the desire to write and in the past year I have done more of it, at the age of 47, than I have done in the 25 or so years since I finished school.

    1. Now you and I both know good and well
      That’d I’d start smirking, then snorting from trying to not laugh
      And then you would and then? It’d be all over for us both! LOL

      I have the cut, copy, and paste done pretty good but…heh…
      Right. All you need do is to look at the blog and yeah…

      Still, I didn’t know that you had been writing at all,
      Much less that you had a year under your belt!
      Wow…things that make you go, “Well hell! How’d I miss that?!”
      Congrats to you cutie! 🙂

      I showed you mine, time to see yours!
      Well…you know what I mean …strip!
      Gimme the full monty, dish those details babe! 😉
      Or something like that LOL

  2. Well to be honest, almost all my writing consists of commenting on blog posts. Some of it is quite extensive. I also have a blog that I have done practically nothing with. It may have two or three posts on it. It is more of a test ground than anything else but if you click on imwakinit at the top of a comment it should bring you right to it.

    Yea I know how the smirking and the whole trying not to laugh goes.

    1. I don’t know how you feel about this-
      but you know me well know to know I’m just gonna say it LOL
      Start writing more! 🙂

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