Saturdays Are For Heroes And The Lazy

The Conquering Hero Has A Victorious Grin
The Conquering Hero Has A Victorious Grin

Saturday is supposed to be for heroes and laziness, right?

It’s Saturday morning…well technically it’s morning, because while I’m still in my pjs and am sans shower, it’s just past 11. Morning still and another cold day of another cold weekend. There are dishes in the sink eagerly awaiting my attentions and my duckling is playing his favorite imaginary game. The one in which he is the conquering hero and judging from the sound effects emanating from his mouth, a hero’s duty is never done. Ha! Try being a parent to an exuberant son and see how you feel then, pal. 

You save the Princess, I’m just gonna (yawn) veg…

He’s doing his best to get more time in order to be victorious. Every reminder of the minutes he has left is is greeted with a frustrated groan and a plea  for “Just a few more minutes, Mom. It’s Saturday!” He ducks and shouts, bobs and weaves, lest he become cannon fodder before telling me confidentially, that saving the Princess is always fraught with danger and comes with a constant barrage of incoming machine gun fire, missiles, bombs, and I know no clue as to what else. Who knew how dangerous it really was, to be such an important person, saving the world from all things evil. Glad he’s out there saving us. 

His imagination, his energy, his day

This kid has an obscene amount of energy built up in that skinny bod of his and worst of all, he won’t share. How cruel is that? I give him life and he won’t give me his energy. But, as I’m planted directly in front of the oscillating space heater and ready to doze off at any moment, I’ll let that slide. Let the duckling wallop a couple more clearly deserving dragons and zombies and whatever else. It’s Saturday, like he says, and the cold air is clearly felt pressing at the windows despite the oh so attractive thermal backed curtains.  At least the sound effects drown out the neighbor’s dog, who is living on borrowed time. You see I found this dog whistle. When I wake up, it’s going to be me, who becomes the conquering hero of sanity. After all, a parent’s duty is never done.


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