My Wish, A Genie, And The Writing Room of My Dreams

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Palm Trees 1

Genies and writing room wishes

If a genie magically appeared in my current writing room and told me I could wish for the writing room I really had dreamed of, I’d probably look at my coffee and wonder if the cream had gone bad. But…if  I did have such a thing happen, was assured no cameras were lurking for home viewers to laugh it up at CeeLee’s candid camera moment, especially that magical moment upon being told it was all a joke,then it might go like this…

I wish I may…wish I might…

Okay genie, warm up those hands, you’ve got some work to do! See, you happen to be dealing with someone who’s thought about this for quite some time and…you know what? This may be easier. Here’s all the blueprints I’ve drawn up and we’ll need to change the whole schematics of course, because of the design I’ve laid out just doesn’t include 4 walls.

Have the Auto Cad prints I just so happen to have with me…

You can see that from here, here, and here-wait. What? What do you mean you can’t put a live palm tree in the corner, you’re a genie for Gawds sake! Oh I see…so what about the ambient light and sound of waves crashing…Look pal, if I wanted a sound machine I’d have gotten one. All I’m asking is for- (sigh). Can I at least have Raoul, the hot muscle bound eye candy to serve me my-…contract…what contract?

My writing room wish to come out right…

So I get to wish all I want, but what I get is a genie in training who can’t give me a live palm tree, or ambient light with waves crashing and providing me with Raoul, of the sultry good looks because it’s against your still in-training contract?! Violation of quantum physics my ass. Great…so what can I get?

Oh…yipee…why did I ask?

A cd of beach music, a desk lamp, a ficus, and a book titled Raoul’s Romance. Damn! Gotta read the fine print next time…


8 thoughts on “My Wish, A Genie, And The Writing Room of My Dreams”

    1. See? Another reasonable person.
      My point exactly! But then there was this clause
      and no, I didn’t read it, and then there was this other clause
      for yelling at a genie and then there was this curse…LOL

    2. Oh most definitely, we got totally taken for a ride.

      Hey, yeah! (lapses into ADHD moment) But then again, we didn’t know what we might find…

      Oh yeah…why dontcha come with meee, on a magic carpet ride-whoops! I hate it when I start showing how young, yes young! I was, when my Dad would play the record- ya know what? Aladdin is such a jerk, lying to us like that! 😉

    3. It wasn’t so much that the movie Aladdin lied to us it was just that is was Disney’s interpretation to be shown to a child so’s not to scare them. ok Aladdin lied to us.

    4. Okay, so yeah…but in my defense
      I was a kid when it came out so~
      they lied! Those bastids 😉

      Giving me the idea I might fly on a carpet,
      have my dreams come true when I rub on a-hmmm….
      They lied and that’s all I got LOL

    1. True…true LoL
      Oh you think that’s different
      than my everyday life? Ha!

      I’m bored…oh look!
      A new hissing possum
      friend to share room and board with!

      I said b-o-r-e-d not BOARD!
      Gee thanks! 😉

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