Spring Is Coming!

3 words for your Monday.

Ready? ahem…

“Spring Is Coming!”


I was wondering and I’ve been waiting. 


Today I saw a sign that made me smile.



I say “Bring it on!”


8 thoughts on “Spring Is Coming!”

    1. Oh I can only imagine!
      Forgive me, but as far south as I am,
      I haven’t the foggiest-are you seeing signs of spring yet?
      And mud, now that I’m all too well acquainted with! LOL

  1. Signs of spring. No, no signs of spring. I have plenty of signs that rodent of a ground hog has no idea what he’s talking about.

    So lets see, just under three feet of snow two weeks ago, about another two to three inches last weekend. And oh yea the wonderful weathermen are saying that I may get another eight inches of snow tonight….. Oh spring were for art thou.

    1. All I’ve got to say is
      Thank your lucky stars it’s not a possum.
      In fact, I’d just as likely take a-
      Did you say another possible 8 inches of snow? 😉

      As in additional as to what’s currently on the ground right now? Yeouch! There’s no place like home, no place like home…LoL

  2. So that big nasty snow storm that the weathermen were saying was coming to town ended up to just rain and I can’t say how happy I am about that. Of course that just brought in more mud but at least I don’t have to shovel that.

    1. I’m with you though. LoL
      I would much rather deal with mud than slide on snow…no wait.
      That would be my guy’s preference, not mine.

      I kinda like doing donuts and having a stick shift
      with a bonus of a delightful e brake to yank up and on.

      Depending on the angle of the car when entering into said donut,
      and severity of wheel turn-age, along with momentum,
      usually = someone and that wouldn’t be me
      screaming like a woman. 😉

      I find it fun personally,
      but then someone and that wouldn’t be me
      starts whining about insurance and what can ya do? LoL

  3. Well just put it into gear, pop the ole clutch, feather the gas that special way, pull up on the e brake and all of a sudden that insurance whine will most likely just become whining. 😉

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