My Alternate Universe Is Your Reality

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Describe your life in an alternate universe

I lust over what is considered normal, sedate, mundane even. Sad but true. My alternate universe life would be what you think of as your normal life now.  I would be productive, so sleekly efficient as to possibly scare people. My hair would stay in one place and not defy at my efforts to flat iron it. My make up, clothing, and shoes would all coordinate and I would not look like a  refuge from a thrift shop. 

It’s everything I’m not

I would be the one in charge of my own brain and my thoughts wouldn’t constantly bombard me. Each one occurring at a ‘normal’ rate, not streaking across my consciousness at light speed and then gone before I can rein it in. I wouldn’t get balled up over what I can’t control (got to love those surprises) and I would be calm and serene, even if only outwardly. Never appearing frazzled or scattered.

I would be like a normal person

I would be ‘normal’, have good days and bad. A Mom who can successfully teach her son by example, of the needed and necessary social graces and how to ‘normally’ interact with others, without appearing or feeling awkward, embarrassed, or ill at ease, from trying to control the rapid fire speech and stuttering from a brain that is so much faster than the mouth.

I would speak and be understood the first time, without the frustration over having to translate or clarify what I’m trying to say, as it would make perfect sense to me and everyone else. I would write and be hired. I would be able to bitch about the joys of being a home owner rather than a renter. I would have achieved those life milestones we are all taught when kids, and I would have achieved them when I was supposed to.

I wouldn’t be Murphy’s Law personified and I wouldn’t be held in this strange sort of stasis of my own making, held back by my fears of what might be, what is, and I would be bold and courageous when I solved them. In short-I would be another face in the crowd of ‘normal’ and I would enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “My Alternate Universe Is Your Reality”

  1. Ahh yes, I think I’ve heard of this world….I went there once but was thrown out immediately and banned from ever going there again. lol Stay with us CeeLee, although it sounds great and in some ways probably is, you wouldn’t be the same, fantastic CeeLee we love so much!

    1. Good morning 🙂

      Wow…if you were banned~
      Then I know I would be!
      I heard they even like Monday’s there…
      What insane sort of people like that?! 😉

      Aw you like me, you really like me 😉
      Thank you, it means a lot actually.
      Especially on a Monday, oh dear Gawd, it’s Monday! LOL
      I’m quite the fan of you guys too 🙂

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