Free To Good Home; My Top 5 Character Defects

My Character Defects May Be Your Genuis
My Character Defects May Be Your Genuis

I’ve made a list of some of my character defects, both ADHD related and otherwise, that I no longer want and I’m willing to donate to others. Just because they hinder me, doesn’t mean they’ll hinder you.  Make them work for you today, and you’ll thank me later. I’ll follow this up with another list of the things that I’m looking for but until then (because I haven’t decided yet) let’s go with this one.

Free to a good home 

1. Rhyming thought patterns.

Drives me to consider the benefits of getting a lobotomy but aspiring poets might enjoy having them. All yours.

  1. My being an introvert simply must go.

Nothing but a migraine in waiting. Need a break from being a social butterfly? Then by all means, help yourself!

  1. The inability to stay still for any length of time.

On a diet? Try this! Your friends will be amazed.

  1. My insomnia.

Ever seen a real zombie? Do you want to right now?I can send you a pic! Spectacular for Halloween or if cramming for a big exam.

  1. Murphy’s Law personified.

Aspiring writers in need of a funny story are sure to love this one. Why? Aren’t the best stories ones that have some base of personal experience behind them? Grab it while it’s still available!

Don’t wait, don’t debate. Snap these little gems up and share them with friends and family (and friends who you’d rather be enemies) but remember, it’s a first come, first served basis. Act now! But wait! There’s more! First ten people are enrolled in the “Oh crap! Did I put my keys in the freezer again?!” webinar free! That’s a savings of…well, of something, I’m sure! Hey! Why are you running away?! It’s free!!!Geesh! Some people, you just can’t please.

It’s Friday everyone, so make it a good one!  😉


4 thoughts on “Free To Good Home; My Top 5 Character Defects”

  1. I’m wondering if I take you up on your free offer if:
    My rhymes will bring on a multi-million dollar jingle opportunity when added to my own nonsensical musings in my head, will your introvert-ness make me hermit-like and silent when added to my own living in my head life, your restlessness + my restlessness will = feverish productiveness, your insomnia coupled with mine will give me the total 24 hours a day of busy wakefulness, and, finally, last but not least, your Murphy’s Law plus my clumsiness would prevent everyone from expecting me to help with the boring, mundane chores of living?
    If so, I’ll take you up on your offer.

    1. You know…if we combine out traits together…
      we’d make one helluva good and well rounded individual.
      Sort of 😉

      No promises on whether my defects will bring you fame and fortune,
      but the way I see it is, couldn’t hurt to take them for a test drive LOL

  2. I would like to sign up for the “Oh Crap” webinar. I could have used this the last time I left my keys in the refrigerator. Yup right next to the milk, I really should have known that’s where I put them.

    1. Got ya all signed up and ready to go 😉
      Next to the milk, huh?
      Mine invariably end up next to the ice cream.
      Which reminds me…breakfast time! LOL

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