My Run Away Perspective Or; How To Feel Like An Ass All By Yourself

Alarm Clock Buttons
Alarm Clock Buttons (Photo credit: mnapoleon)


My brain when un-medicated, moves at light speed.

Sometimes that’s a bad thing. Something happens, I tighten up, start planning containment, damage control, and recovery way before I should.

I seem to live in this perpetual dooms day scenario that’s always running in the background of my thought processes.

I had something I planned to post today but this definitely has priority, as it just happened and should definitely give you a grin or two.

Another typical morning-overslept again

I rolled over in the bed, cracked an eye open to peer at the clock, groaned and jumped up. Late again, I really must start using a better alarm clock.

Like the one I have now but rarely use due to it’s long lasting side effects through the entirety of that day.

Like the tendency to be a bit on edge, startling at sounds, and very, very awake and aware of every movement around you.

Aptly named Sonic Boom, it must’ve been an evilly sadistic person’s idea of a joke because the damn thing not only issues the alarm at air raid siren level, but this (optional)  round circular piece that when plugged in and then put under something or on something, cheerfully and energetically vibrates whatever is closest to it and…


saying that it kick starts your morning is the mildest of understatements.

Try being force ably catapulted from sleep. You’re doing the duck and cover, though not sure as to why you’re doing it, except that with anything that loud and vibrating with such frenetic energy, you figure you must be under some type of attack.

The rest of the day is spent trying to regain control over your adrenal system. It was given to me as a gift.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I got up, grouched a bit, had my first cup of coffee and sat down in front of my laptop, still not suspecting a thing, just irritated at life in general. I reached out and hit the power button. stopped.


Hit the power button again.


Rubbed my eyes and opened them wider and…what the hell kind of joke is this?! Hit the power button and held it down. Nothing. Nada. Screen remained dark.

Okay, is the power cord plugged into the laptop? Check. Does the battery feel hot?


Oh dear Gawd, did I kill it?

Enter CeeLee’s perspective and the dooms day scenario

No power, no…oh no!…no money,  no-what am I gonna tell my guy?!…he’s going to kill me!….I make my living online and what am I going to do?!…maybe I can say he did it….no, he’ll never go for it, he doesn’t even have the code to unlock the screen…holy shit!

I got to run away…move to Australia, change my name and hope he doesn’t….he doesn’t…well hell…maybe the power cord that is connected to the laptop sure enough, might, ya never know, might work better if, I plugged the other end into an outlet…

“Where’s the damn forest? All I see are these friggin’ TREES!”

I hit the power button once more but with a certain dread. It couldn’t be that simple could it?

That the whole problem was as small as a plug being pulled from the wall socket? Surely not! Fans whirs, green light comes on,

” All systems go”, my greeting upon the power up before the splash screen.

Oh wow, this is just so…just so….damn! 

It’s just my reminder that I really should rein in my brain and start meditation or something, besides making sure the damn plug stays in!


It really happened.


2 thoughts on “My Run Away Perspective Or; How To Feel Like An Ass All By Yourself”

  1. ~~looks around at all the trees :)~~

    At least you didn’t call tech support. Take it from me when you are on the phone with the “professionals” and they can’t figure out what is wrong. That moment when you look and see that you have a cable unplugged and you…… well lets just say the next thing the tech heard was “ahh s@$t, click”.

    1. LOL Oh I’ll bet!
      Geesh, of all the things to get freaked over…
      I figured that it was my sign to take a vacation.

      Since I can’t do that, I did the next best thing~I slept. 🙂
      Funny how that tends to refresh the mental prowess…

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