It’s Friday And I’m Supposed To Be UnProductive

Yeah so I really have several dozen projects currently, all in stasis, minimized and waiting m loving attentions. This I know, what, you think I don’t? Ha! You’re wrong! I do, I totally do, but see, I saw this You Tube vid and then I saw another and then? I’m lost! Sucked into the virtual world of blistering un-productiveness, to which I understand that there is no return nor an antidote from.

So yeah. I’m screwed. At least until the redneck comes home, wearing his white raccoon rings around his eyes (they really accentuate his baby blues) and sporting a reddened…well yeah, of course his neck, but also his face too. It’s the “I weld metal things for a living”  look, and it’s really in demand. It’s on all the welder fashion runways this spring. 

Where was I? Right. So, he’ll drag me kicking and screaming back into reality, all the while ignoring my pleas and my saying, “But if you just watch this, you’ll see!” He won’t though. He knows suckage into virtual world is contagious and being the modern redneck (“YEAH! WooHoo! NasCar!”) that he is, he’s smart enough to avoid the pitfalls that I don’t see. I’m lucky to have him, I know. Oh. Did you want to see what’s had me rolling this whole time? Silly me! Well, so we all know I like Monty Python, and that I’m a closet Trekie, and essentially a nerd without tech skills, so…why not mix them all together?

And then I saw this one…

And then I found….well…see? Suckage can happen! Even to you! Beware the Friday Freak Its, they’ll get you every time! Now if you’ll excuse me, it looks as though Epic rap Battle has a new one out. Oh this should be good. Have a great Friday, no matter how productive or non-you end up being!


12 thoughts on “It’s Friday And I’m Supposed To Be UnProductive”

  1. Hey, CeeLee! It’s been a while…but it’s cool! I know how “suckage” works…I have to take almost a full week off in that “real world” next week. A forced “vacation.” Some of it will be okay, but I won’t have a lot of blogging time…back to suckage again!

    Well, have a great weekend, gal! Enjoy the kids and the redneck!

    Skip 🙂

    1. Thank you Skip, I’m sure I will. 🙂
      Enjoy life with a redneck and a duckling, that is LOL
      Suckage does suck, no er…bones about it (I know, I know-I must have coffee)

      I hope your weekend is good to you, hey, it could be worse.
      You could’ve had a spider break the treaty agreement LOL

    2. You’re one lovely and funny lady, CeeLee! Did you know a spider actually created the internet? That’s why they call it the “world wide web!”

      I need my coffee too…sorry! Best to you and your great sounding family!

      Talk to ya later,
      Skip 🙂

    3. I think I just suddenly lost the urge to get sucked into the net.
      Holy crap I’m saved! LOL

      Congrats Skip, you did it!
      I thought there was no antidote, no cure.
      Hmph…learn something new every day LOL

    4. Ah, thou art so welcome to, ma’ lady! The fair princess is saved by the spider slayer, Skipeth!

      It cool, babe. Glad your safe!
      Skip 🙂

  2. Hey CeeLee,
    I am glad to see that in your quest for reduced productivity you saw fit to pop-in to – “Bloggin’ It While Doggin’ It” is the name of the game 😉
    Hope to see you back again.
    I kinda got “sucked” into Swim[ming] In The Adult Pool… but hey, the waters fine!

    1. Rock on masdo 🙂
      Yeah, swimming in the adult pool is like that,
      but then so is BlogDogIt.
      It takes one to know one, right? LOL
      I’m just glad I found you on my net walkabout yesterday 😉

    1. Hey there, I’ve missed ya!
      And I’m glad you liked them, I did too.
      Now could you help me to get back out of virtual world? 😉

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