I’m The Walter Mitty Of The ADHD World

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What I See In My Head…But Not In Reality-Yet! 
For all of the armchair warriors out there

You aren’t alone. Sitting there in your boxers, doing something your mom would probably disapprove of, whiling away the hours on a Saturday, dreaming of adventures that you know will likely never happen to you and if they did, you wouldn’t be playing the part of the hero, much more likely you’d be the one afflicted with a case of uncontrollable screaming .

Take heart! I do the same.

I am the Walter Mitty of the ADHD world

I’m guilty of spending hours dreaming my own daydreams, all of which I come through smiling, ones where I save the day, I’m consistent and…hell. Let me be honest.

All of the things that I’m really not, but just keep wishing to be. In reality. You know, like being funny, witty, charismatic, able to hold a conversation without once looking down at my shoes and realizing they aren’t tied, or the certainty that my hair is standing on end, even a dawning horror that I may have smutz on my face.

Yep. Those things.

I was dreaming about a new adventure and got an idea

Okay, so I know I’ll never be a DJ, or have the ability of dubbing music into really cool remixes,I’ll  not even so much as have the looking suave and breathtaking while doing those things poorly, but! It doesn’t stop me from having fun.

Or my trying to do what I see so clearly in my head but am still unable to translate into anything that makes sense whatsoever. It probably should, oh yeah, but it doesn’t.

In my head, I am gorgeous, sophisticated, and worldly

In my reality, I’m just a bit lacking on all of the aforementioned qualities. Since music is honest to goodness, the best way that I can  relate, what I can always seem to identify with, and more possibly the fact that I was bored out of my gourd being the culprit of this whole debacle, I decided to do my own experiment (run away, run away now!)

I thought I might show you, you arm chair warriors, you who are kings and queens in dreams of your own design, if not in reality, exactly how far apart my reality and my perception of said reality, really are.

So do you? Want to hear my masterpiece?

Hey, you never know, it could change your life, make you an instant narcoleptic or maybe even spur you to do your own version. If you do, let me know.

Because here at least, there are no losers and no winners. Just real people. So I want to know.

Do you want to hear what I came up with? Hmmm?

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And My Reality-See The Difference?  Chevy Cruze Eco


2 thoughts on “I’m The Walter Mitty Of The ADHD World”

    1. LOL Okay. I love music. Period.
      Wait, no, I hate yodeling but otherwise I love music.

      Sooo…I kind of thought maybe I could better get
      my point across, that being that my reality
      and my perception of reality are more like acquaintances
      rather than even dwelling within the same neighborhood by use of music.

      I know, I know, but I’m not drunk, nor even on drugs,
      so I can’t use either as an excuse. Yeah, I screwed myself on that.
      It’s sort of a musical kind of…barrage?
      No, no. More like a musical…sabotage. For me.
      But you get to laugh because at least it wasn’t you,
      or alternately, sleep soundly LOL

      Now after all that, are you still curious?
      Hey! Why are you running? Joke! Joke! 😉

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