My Walter Mitty Would Be Horrified ADHD Audio Experiment


Funny Sign
Funny Ha Ha~ Not Funny “Oh She’s Hilarious!”


I doubt he’d thank me for this little adventure of mine

If Walter Mitty could hear this audio experiment of mine, he’d be aghast. Good thing for him he’s a fictional character and therefore, not able to hear it.

I’ve put it out there, more than once, my attempts to describe what it’s like to have adult ADHD. I haven’t done this for  the desire to find validation or a need for acceptance, not even because I like to beat a dead horse.

Which I don’t, by the way. Beat dead horses. Or alive ones either.

My reasons for making an ass of myself are many

I thought about this last night for quite awhile, after a good friend of mine had remarked on that possibility. Though they were telling me that I didn’t appear to be any of those things, that got me to wondering if there weren’t some  people who had come to this conclusion.

In case this is the situation, for those of you who read my blog, (Hi Mom!) let me set the record straight.

  • I didn’t do this for acceptance, I don’t need it. I mean really, I hardly know you! You could at the least buy me dinner before I…before I-heh-forget that part, I hardly know you.
  • I wasn’t seeking validation. I know what I have, I’m just ticked that I can’t let you borrow it for awhile.
  • I don’t suffer from some whacked out notion that being different, being ‘out there’, being what is essentially me, will attract the masses. Remember me? I’m the chick who doesn’t do well in crowds, I skip whilst holding scissors (point out cuz I’m mean like that) and…it’s just not like that.
  • All I want to do, is to show those of you who are either profoundly bored, needing a way to cure insomnia, or just curious about having ADHD on the adult end of things, and want to know what it’s like, to be this way, and how it affects every facet of your life. And trust me, it does.

No subliminal messages, just procrastination

So without going further off track than I already have, I present my experiment. I did not put any subliminal suggestions in this audio (you like me…yes you do…) nor did I ever suffer from the idea that I was suddenly going to achieve fame and fortune by doing this (you love reading my blog) and am actually a bit nervous to post it, not because of anything other than the very real possibility of being the butt of many a joke to come.

But it’s a good day for a laugh, right? (you think I’m talented and should even tell your friends about my blog)


 Click the link below to hear my… erm…experiment.

(because you like me)


I Have ADHD  <- Click this




18 thoughts on “My Walter Mitty Would Be Horrified ADHD Audio Experiment”

  1. You crack me up every day…including today:) BTW, in my head I sound like Aretha Franklin, in reality, my cat jumps up in front of my face and slaps my mouth with her paw every time I sing.

    1. Hi there,

      I’m glad I gave you a laugh, that was my main purpose.
      (Hey with Abbott and Costello running loose in my head, I’m kinda obligated)
      I’ve been meaning to holler at you~
      I really liked the latest post on your blog by the way. 🙂

      Cats are great critics aren’t they?
      No need for human feedback, they’ll be only too happy
      to help out and tell it like it is LOL

      Ah…Aretha…Gawd that woman can sing 🙂
      Style and class too.
      Why can’t she share?! 😉

  2. Nice… Although I would’ve expected it to be more “random”…but that could be from my strong case of the combined sub-type (yeah, I get random things in my head, like bunnies, heartbeats, work, sky-diving, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, etc.) Maybe I’ll do a recording myself one of these days… might even make it a video… 😛

    1. If I put the random stuff that zings through my brain
      on that audio, and I was tempted LOL
      I’d scare off all the non ADHD people!

      I did think about it though
      ultimately I decided against doing that,
      they didn’t do anything to deserve such an onslaught 😉

      I dare you, to make a video. Why?
      Because if you do, then I will!
      Could be intersting… LOL

    2. Oh you DARE me, do you? You just know what that does to people with ADHD, right? It probably means a rough to start something, but an unfinished project… But I shall indeed try! 😛

    3. I have many uncompleted projects languishing away
      in my ‘I’m Going to Do Them, No Really!’ project graveyard LOL
      Still…the ADHD does factor in a bit.

      Okay then, I challenge you. 🙂
      If you do one (video)…
      I will too. Hmmm…I’m thinking we need parameters though 😉

    4. No problems there!
      Oh wait…you mean I can’t show off
      my new war wound I got when battling a washing machine
      over a pair of jeans it tried to eat? Man…


    5. “War wounds” are fine… just as long as it’s not like a missing arm that hasn’t been stitched up yet 😛

      What about you? Any ideas for parameters yet?

    6. I do have one, though it’s a bit redundant.
      Considering the weekend ahead, how about
      the time limit parameter be anytime after
      next Tuesday but before we both forget,
      get too old, etc.

      Say by April 8th?
      How does that suit?

    7. Why does it have to be after next Tuesday? Not that I’m complaining… and not that I’d have one ready before then… I’m just curious 🙂

    8. I like to put things off, procrastinate, most definitely,
      but mostly because I’ll be going to a lot of family activities.
      We’re quite fortunate, I know, to have both sides of our
      respective families live so close by.

      As in only 40 short miles away.
      Like…I need a vacation right now, maybe to Bora Bora,
      but I won’t even complain if it’s just to my office.

      You see, when we get together with family,
      anything can and usually does happen.
      Where do you think I get my blog posts from?
      One guess. And the fun starts in less than 24 hours.
      Whoa…Is it hot in here? I think I need to catch my breath. 😉

    1. Ah yes…my Walter Mitty…LoL
      I don’t mind a reblog, not in the least. It gives me a chance to see how far I’ve come. And okay, so maybe I’m a tad red-faced but I’m cool with it. It matches my neck LoL
      Thank you. I do appreciate it 🙂

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