Guest Posting Is Like A Field Trip Without The Sack Lunch

It's Monday Allright
It’s Monday Allright

I’m so excited even though it’s Monday

Oh boy, is it ever Monday. But this one is different, it has a bit of a sparkle to it, for me anyway. I was asked if I would be interested in guest posting for a blog by a very nice and much more tech savvy lady named Jenna. She has an amazing blog by the name of Call Her Happy. It’s most definitely one that reflects her love of family and all things that encompass being a Mom. 

My very first guest post, woohoo!

And if you’d like to see my guest post (because I subliminally messaged you yesterday) then come on the field trip, no need to pack a lunch, and see what I did. In case you get lost there (easy to do with such killer articles) just look for the one post that is missing a pic. Why? As if you need to ask. It’s not poor Jenna’s fault, she’s likely having a bang the head against the desk moment.  Nope, it’s mine. but isn’t that like a trademark or a calling card of mine? I really need to work on that. You can read my guest post  here.

Thank you Jenna,

For both the wonderful chance to get my writing out there,

and to hopefully be known for more than my pic posting inadequacies,

as well as being so kind to a new blogger.




4 thoughts on “Guest Posting Is Like A Field Trip Without The Sack Lunch”

    1. Thank you, it’s certainly brightened a snowy day
      (Seriously?! Late March? Geesh!)
      but we may now need hearing aides…I think I-oh, wait…
      Nope, we’re good, he just looked up when I mentioned dinner.
      Game on 😉

    1. Thank you so much Jenna,
      I’m still smiling.

      My duckling and guy both say, “Whew! Thanks!”
      Seems I’m easier to deal with, when smiling.
      Go figure. 😉

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