In The Spotlight Of BlogHer



I can't believe I'm there

Sometimes good things just walk up and wallop you

Today is a good day, today is a great day actually. The guest post that I wrote for Jenna, the really nice lady who so kindly allowed me to take my very first (yes Jenna, I’ll bet this isn’t exactly a big surprise) step onto the guest blogger stage yesterday using her blog, Call Her Happy as my runway, is now being spotlighted on BlogHer today! I was good with having the chance to guest post, but this…this is amazing! Here’s why.

One small step for me

I started this blog as a way to show my son that you can achieve what you dream, despite the odds. Okay, so the kind of dreams that are within reason. So far as I know, human flight without aid of a plane and/or other equipment, is still a bit out of reach (top on the list as one of his dreams, right next to building a transporter) for now. My point is that I did it and while this is a step in the right direction for me, yes, it also means that there will be a young boy yelling that, “It’s not fair!” very shortly.  Ah…the lovely sound of victory. 

One giant protest from an indignant duckling

You see he now has to concede that A: His ADHD Mom is doing what she said she wanted to do and B: The bar for him working harder, focusing more and misbehaving less, both in and out of school, just got raised. Homework battles will be on the decrease and a peace treaty, however un-peaceful it may be, will be drawn up, a cease fire shall be called, and right…I know I’m dreaming now. He’s not going to be thrilled. He’s going to protest vehemently and with much wailing, quacking, and maybe even gnashing of teeth. He was banking on me not making this happen. I can’t wait to tell him. I’ve got the mega phone at the ready to ensure he does hear the news.

All my thanks go to Jenna for helping this to happen

as well as to everyone at BlogHer.

I’ll be able to thank you all more properly once I’m a little less stunned.

And after I tell the good news to my son. (hehe)

You’ve made the possibility of my doing something to inspire a child who had lost faith in his ever being ‘good enough’ to achieve anything worthwhile

and decided that he no longer wanted to chase a dream just to see what might happen.

I can’t thank you enough.





5 thoughts on “In The Spotlight Of BlogHer”

  1. Despite the age difference and maturity levels, we always feel like winners when we one up’ed a child. I don’t know why. But there is this giddy feeling that we get. Like, AHA! Now What?!

    1. Wow…you do think like me…
      That’s kind of scary in a really cool way LOL
      But it’s totally true!
      It suh-huh-hucks to be him right now 🙂

    1. My thoughts exactly LOL
      Now my duckling on the other hand,
      I doubt he has many thoughts right at the moment.
      Probably because he’s deaf from the good news ringing in his ears.
      BOOYAH 😉

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