ADHD Video Challenge; My Contribution

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I Will Never Bluff About An ADHD Video Challenge Again

“It was a bluff, you weren’t really supposed to take me up on it”

It wasn’t too long ago, well, yes, actually it was, that Boonebytes, the talented writer and mastermind of his blog,  Minding Your Own Mind, called me on what I mistakenly thought was a sure bet. More specifically about what I had posted (and I was bluffing, bluffing, do you hear me? Bluffing!)  regarding putting what ADHD means to you personally and putting it into a video format so everyone could see (yeah, see me go up in flames, jeez, I’ll never bluff again) what impacts it’s had on you. It never fails, the one thing I’m sure of, positive that it will never occur, does. I really need to learn that. Like starting today.

My mouth did the talking, my fingers did the pecking

Boone called my bluff, made a great video and posted it and then he reminded me about mine.When I went and saw it, I’ll admit that I kind of panicked. Oh dear Gawd, what did I do? Because his entry is wonderful. Crappp! I was sort of obligated to doing the same, because, well, it was me that started it in the first place. ‘ I’ve never done a video before’, was my first thought followed by ‘and now I’m going to show everyone I’ve never done a video before, yippee!’

His is good, even better when it’s placed next to mine

Personally speaking, I think his video knocks mine right out of the ball park and then it laughs at the little pieces drifting down from the sky afterwards. But I promised. And I try not to go back on my word. So I made one. And here it is. Just remember that I was a video virgin (wow, never thought I’d ever say that) so take it easy. It’s harder than it looks. Thank you Boone, you certainly know your stuff! It was a pleasure doing this, so much in fact I think I want to call a re-challenge! Ohh damn. Here I go again. Maybe he won’t read this, I could get lucky, you never know.

Here’s my video Boone, don’t choke while watching it, you may be tempted to laugh hysterically, but I hear that side effect does fade. And thank you. All jokes aside, it made me stretch a bit, see where I can definitely use improvement. You rock!”

CeeLee’s Video

We did ours, why don’t you do yours?

Maybe you watch mine and laugh and watch his and think, “Yeah…I can do that!” So don’t wait for an engraved invitation! Consider this an open invite. Tell us about your adult ADHD and what impacts it has on your life. We dare you! Besides, he set the bar, I lowered it, you can probably wiggle right on through. Which will make me re-think my whole purpose in life and try again. Or maybe not. Probably not. But who knows? I’ll repeat what he so kindly put up on his blog.

If anyone else would like to join the fun, here are some guidelines:

  1. It should be clean (no nudity, blood, gore, profanity, etc.).
  2. It should be “family friendly” (parents and children). In other words: No horror videos.
  3. It should discuss, represent, or demonstrate a mental disorder (such as ADHD).
  4. It should respect copyright laws.
  5. At least half of the video should be your original creation.


12 thoughts on “ADHD Video Challenge; My Contribution”

  1. hehee Sorry I had to giggle more so that as a duckling my self Speed Racer was kinda a hero of mine. Good video production for a first time out.

    1. Aw thank you!
      Has your vision caught back up with ya?
      Heh, I did learn, yes I did.
      Mostly that transitions are close relatives of time (duh)
      and that they hate my guts too.

      Ah yes, Speed Racer. He was awesome, wasn’t he?
      Funny thing though, I keep trying to pretend my car
      is the Mach One. It heartily disagrees. Then it tells me to shift up.
      Geesh! Smartass cars, what next? Don’t answer that one LOL

  2. A BLUFF??? Sorry, my bad!

    Honestly, I think I might like your entry more… But perhaps there is no “better” or “worse”… after all the videos are of two different styles. 🙂

    Thank you for keeping up with your side of the deal, “misery loves company” after all… Right? And nope, I didn’t read that, so your safe 😉

    From what I understand, “laughter is the best medicine”. If that’s the case, it’s good that your video induces such a state 😛

    And no problem, it made me stretch a bit too. I may not be an “video virgin”, but I’m not far from it ;). You should have seen the unedited version, or better yet, me watching it! I was so nervous, I think I spoke more like William Shatner than I did myself. In person I tend to speak a lot faster. Oh, and I felt like the editing was torture, because it was taking me so long to say something! 😛

    In case I haven’t said already, good job! It takes a lot of guts to make a video, and I say nobody gets laughing rights unless they’ve done one too :P. I showed your video to my girlfriend, and she loved it… she says “good job” too!

    1. Don’t be sorry, Boone! Not one iota!
      After all, you did what I’d been musing on
      and had gotten no further than the musing stage. LOL

      You gave me the motivation I’d been needing.
      I had fun doing it, I really did. I was able to stretch. 🙂

      I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know
      and…we both had the guts to take a breath,
      stand up and say, “Yeah, this is me”. I promise you
      I wouldn’t have done it, had you not called me out.

      I still say you won, because you did what I was scared to do.
      You talked, you told your story and you did it without
      having an example to go by. I was just the late comer (always late)
      and one who used pics and text and some video to tell mine.

      My 2 guys liked mine, but they liked yours better, because mine
      kinda went the way I talked. Fast. I left everyone trying to read
      what was showing on the screen behind.
      “Oh, you can’t read fast? So sad…for youuu!” LOL

      And because we are Shatner fans here 😉
      Take a bow Boone, we, but mostly you, did it!
      (Should we release the outtakes vids? What? You don’t have yours?;)
      So, when’s the next one? lol

  3. CeeLee…you did great! I couldn’t have made one of these…not “tech savvy” enough. Heck, I can’t even figure out how to display my Liebster award, or any image for that matter, in the sidebar of my blog! (I could use some help with that, BTW).

    You just keep on making videos, you will get even better with them, and people love to watch things more and more all the time. Who knows, you could get a movie contract! I’d watch one of your films before, say…Lindsay Lohan’s!

    Anyway, a good job. Especially for the first time out…just keep going.

    Take care and we’ll talk later,
    Skip 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you, Skip
      That’s quite the compliment!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      Who knows, I may just decide to do
      more ADHD vids. If it helps people to better understand
      what effects ADD/ADHD can have on life in general,
      and it be done with the intent of educating with humor…
      Yeah, I’d be all for it.

      I think though, I’d better pal up with someone
      who is wwayy more tech savvy than I am 😉

    2. I wish that could be me, but I’m no good for that. You’re a “cool chick” and I want you to succeed with your site. Videos may be a good avenue to take…

      I know you must have either some friends or family who can help with “pod casts” or something like ’em. You are resourceful enough and won’t quit until you find a way!

      Good luck, lady!
      Skip 🙂 xo

    3. Thanks Skip 🙂

      The only way my family will help me
      is the best way, inadvertently!
      Geesh, they see me with the camera and they run.

      Hmmm…may need to re-think my approach on that 😉
      perhaps announcing “I’m gonna get ya now!” isn’t
      the most productive way to capture life’s moments LOL

    4. Honestly, I’m one of those who always likes to watch the family get filmed, but run myself if someone wants to put me on camera!

      I wouldn’t suggest a “nanny cam” approach, necessarily, but a candid camera thing is about the only way I can think of to get “shy” people in honest moments.

      Then, you struggle with how fair that is to them. Frankly, I don’t know what the answer would be. Well, at least I’m glad we discussed this, and that I could be of so much help…LOL 🙂

      Talk to ya,
      Skip xo

  4. Just wanted to chime to give both of you props for breaking your video virginity with these fun videos. You did leave me in the dust with some of your quick text transitions, but maybe that’s what you were going for with the quick ADHD mind.
    I know it’s not directly related to your video challenge, but my wife’s recent video certainly meets your criteria and I would love to share it. You might even consider posting yours to the same contest.

    1. Hi guys and thank you
      for taking the time to drop a comment! 🙂

      It took a lot of guts for me to stand up
      and make a video like this.
      I won’t speak for Boone, I’ll let him add his 2 cents on that 😉
      (besides his was still better lol)

      Oh those speedy transitions of mine.
      I need to work on that for sure,
      but in a way I suppose they do fit the topic.

      I would be honored to reblog the video your wife made,
      with both of your permission. I think people need to see it.
      It certainly makes some great points and doesn’t
      leave peeps in the dust either. May I post it here?

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