I’m Running Away To The Circus

The Circus
My Life IS a Circus!

I’m Running Away and Joining the Circus…

If I were to heed my occurring on the daily, escapist urge to jump ship and run away to the circus, I’d have to look over my prospects carefully. Let’s see…hmmm…I’ve done the tight wire act, sans safety net my entire adult life. Ditto my clown act, my fire eating (when in doubt, try my guy’s chili) as well as my juggling flaming batons (Hey YOU multi task in the am when you aren’t awake and see how far you get), and barking for various attractions, yeah… been there and done that.

“Hi, My Name is CeeLee…and I’m A…”

Ring master, check. Lion tamer…um…I wonder if…yeah, that one counts, I still have the whip. So! Moving right along. Trapeze artist is a “Oh hell naw!” because I have this fear of falling and heights…nope, strike that one. Lemme see…nope, nope, nope…oh! I haven’t gotten to be a motor cycle stunt chick yet. I suck at telling fortunes…”You’re going to meet a tall, dark, yeah…nope”. I’m going to go ride a motor cycle as fast as I can, upside down in a cage. Yeah!  I’ve either done everything else or severely suck at it.  So do I get the job? Killer! I’m going to be overjoyed to tell my job that I’ve got a new position as a-wait, what?! No, no, no! I already shovel a ton of…geesh. ”

Are you kidding me? If that’s true, I’m already in the circus! “My name is CeeLee and I’m the new elephant pooper scooper tech. How may I assist you out of your current craptacular snafu?” Reality always kills my fantasies. Ah well. Time to get back to work anyway. “Hi, My name is CeeLee…”


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