Scuz Me…While I Step Out

I shall return…it’s been a lot of life happening that’s caused me to fall behind.

I Will Be Back
When I Do Return, It’ll Be Bearing Gifts

8 thoughts on “Scuz Me…While I Step Out”

  1. I can completely understand life is giving my some great things and some damn bad ones lately and it is taking it out of me these days. Looking forward to the gifts upon your return 🙂 lol

    1. I’m sorry to hear you got bit
      by the bad luck bug too.

      I hope all returns to normal
      for you soon. And for me too!

      Yes…the gift I shall be posting
      has been 6 months or so in the making.

      Gonna be epic 😉

    1. I’m quite well acquainted with chaos
      I know life can suck now…again I’m
      no stranger to suck age either but when life gives you lemons…just smile and say…Where the hell did I put that damn juicer? 😉

    1. I’m pretty sure life will keep on
      and eventually get closer to normal for me~

      I can only hope a quick return to Normal for you.
      I know the twin cities of Chaos and Insanity can be confusing~
      with or without GPS 😉

  2. You BETTER return! 😛

    I think life can just get busy in general…been a bit of an emotional mess lately. And now that it’s cleared up a little, I get a cold….no breaks in life I guess 😛

    1. Hey stranger (cue irony music track)
      I know how much fun that can be,
      going along and doing your juggling act when life giggles and throws you a curve ball.

      Hope you’re feeling better!
      Heh speaking of cold and colds…
      funny thing about that…lol

      Stay tuned…you’ll be saying
      “Aha!” very soon 😉

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