What NOT Reaching My NaNoWriMo Goal Taught Me (And Hopefully Duck)

Never Make A Writing Bet with a Smiling Duck...or How NOT To End Up In a Pool
Never Make A Writing Bet with a Smiling Duck…or How NOT To End Up In a Pool


Yeah, I was late but I paid my bet

It was last November that I opened my mouth, made a bet with a Duck and then was obligated into making good on what I had boasted I could do, but didn’t. As wordy as I am, and it  doesn’t matter verbally or typing, I really believed I could spin 50,000 words in 30 days for my entry in the NaNoWriMo contest. I just knew I had a deadlock on the thing. I was wrong. Oh by the way? The pool temp was a brisk 62 degrees. I may be old but I’m not a complete heart attack risking idiot.

What Duck saw and (hopefully) learned…

Determined to demonstrate by example, to a doubting Duck and to a doubting Thomas for that matter, that just because something isn’t easy, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying for. My intentions were good if not lofty. Having a goal=having a direction. Duck had a front row seat into observing his Mom bust her butt. He saw me really try to reach a goal that had nothing to do with anything, other than the joy of doing it. He also got to see firsthand how I can slowly morph into a troll that snarls at daylight, but that didn’t traumatize him, he just thought that was born of my fear (possible) death by water.

My ADHD comes lacking time estimation, but I’m much better now

While I hope I succeeded, even if not quite the way I had originally (arrogantly) planned, I didn’t expect to learn anything from this, other than how not to make a bet with a smiling Duck. Overestimation with time, my abilities, and what the hell, life in general, comes pre-installed in my ADHD brain package. I’ve learned a lot through my attempts to reach this goal actually. Such as; Instead of snapping out a time of completion estimate and then having to recant later.

I gained some real time management tricks

I understand how to double my initial estimate, after which, I’ve taken a breath and smiled pretty. It saves on my having to take the time to give diplomatic and enigmatic answers that could’ve been spent more constructively. Now instead of saying,  “It’ll be ready when I’m damn good and ready and not a minute before! If, at such time, it does become ready, rest assured, I’ll let you know! And then I’ll have to creatively and sneakily, to make you sorry for tasking my reserves of nice.” Now I just smile and pant heavy. See? Old dog, new tricks.

If Duck remembers, I’m happy

Yeah, I lost and badly. And no, I won’t tell you how badly. I paid my bet, I learned new skills and if by way of the roundabout that is my ADHD powered life, my Duck remembers making a goal for fun, whether reached or not it, that it was the effort put forth and the  not giving up that makes it worthwhile, I’ll call it a good experiment. And so I might be rationalizing this to come off looking better, sure, but screw you guys laughing out there (and I know who you are) I did my run for the goal, lost, and paid my bet. So there. What have YOU done lately?






8 thoughts on “What NOT Reaching My NaNoWriMo Goal Taught Me (And Hopefully Duck)”

    1. I never expected to learn something from this,
      I really thought it was all geared towards Duck,

      I also thought writing 50,000 words in 30 days was easy lol
      I’m glad that I did learn a few things along with him 🙂

  1. I tried the NaNoWriWee weekend challenge. Nearly killed myself. But now have a great idea for book!

    1. Hey Lorraine and good morning 🙂

      NaNoWriMo did the same for me.
      I love it even if I didn’t quite do
      what I thought at first glance, to be almost too easy.

      My main issue was silencing the inner editor,
      it cost me a great deal of time (and having to pay up on a bet with a Duck).

      I’m considering trying again this year
      and bringing with me what I learned from the last go round.
      How about you? 😉

    2. Hmmm. Not sure yet. I think I might just focus more on my writing, though.

      Sorry I bored you the other day with my story….

    3. Yeah, right. Bored me with your story LOL
      Good one! And um…wrong. 😉

      This is the first time I’ve been able to get back on the net.
      And it’s not even my net per say, but Mc’D’s (McDonald’s)

      Between not one but two breaker box issues, some sizzled appliances,
      and a grizzled cuz she got sizzled CeeLee-I really need to just say no to electricity.
      (I’m fine, my hair is undecided as of yet)
      it’s been fun, fun, fun.

      And that’s not even the half of it. Trust me.
      I’ll be catching up to you as soon as I can,
      I’ve been wondering how it turns out. Isn’t that the writer’s hook?
      Consider me hooked and wanting to know more 🙂

    4. You just made my day. I’m glad I hooked you. LOL Pun intended. Now really LOLLing!

    5. And you got me grinning right aloud.
      Contagious isn’t it?
      But oh yeah, you got the hook we all want in writing.
      I’ve been thinking about it ever since 😉

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