Living The Crazy Life And My Quest For Just The Facts

Run Away! She's Lost her Mind!

Please give me the strength to not choke the people who hoard details

I am a detail oriented person. I can operate under the crappiest of situations and can come through unscathed if and only if, I have all the details of the cluster-boink to come, in my arsenal beforehand. My guy, of course, does not share in my need for details beforehand disposition. He’s one big believer of the need to know basis, and the one most assuredly to be successful in rendering me insane before I see 40. Many have tried over the years but I have my money on the long shot.

My ADHD has made me a junkie for routines and schedules

Despite my ADHD struggles, my inability to live anywhere but in the moment, and my suffering from chronic nearsightedness with regards to the think long term department,  having a routine is important to me. It’s my security blanket. Routine =structure and structure = a much more easy to get along with CeeLee. My guy knows this better than most and that’s how I know he’s plotting my demise.

You want details? Do you? Nope! Denied!

I must be fortified with a detail injection on the daily, with no real surprises. Only then will I be flexible enough to roll with the punches that follow me. For someone who’s life is lived under the firm rule of Murphy’s Law and day is structured around those pesky deets, I’m forever after obtaining just the facts.

It tickles the redneck to no end, watching me tear my hair out after throwing me an oh by the way. That’s the easiest way to drive a certain CeeLee wacko. Case in point? Today’s post. For future reference, I like roses. You know, for the funeral. I think he prefers NasCar symbols for his, but that could change any moment now.

Today I'm Needing Details-Give Them Up!


2 thoughts on “Living The Crazy Life And My Quest For Just The Facts”

  1. Well damn I can so relate to this. Imagine that the people you work for do not want to tell you what is going on. And I work for the family business. and lol at detail denial

    1. Double whammy! Yeowch!
      I can only imagine the fun that can be.

      I have this rule about working with family~I don’t. LOL
      Because they have alll the dirt on me
      and aren’t afraid to use it when they want a favor 😉
      (or say I forgot something when I wasn’t told in the 1st place, so I have to do it)
      Sweet, huh?

      Details are the things I love and hate and conversely,
      love to hate.
      I don’t envy you a single bit, but if you’ve some pointers
      on getting the quick and the dirty deets, pass ’em on! 😉

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