How to become the coolest parent ever

 I often wish I were less uptight, less anxious, more…cool

While I haven’t quite reached the cool parent zone, I’m working on it. My ADHD always seems to cool-block me, make me appear downright awkward and it shows.

The whole ‘only have one shot in life, better make it the best you can‘, tends to make my performance anxiety rear it’s ugly head and the results can be funny.

To every one of those cool parents anyway. I’ll keep on trying and I have hope that I’ll reach that goal someday.

Like when Duck hits forty.

I found this article yesterday and wanted to share. I envy parents out there to which coolness seems to occur naturally. The gallery listed below is some of those people I aspire to be more like.

 Cool Parents Usually Raise Cool Kids

There are parents and then there are cool parents. They’re a little more exciting, yet a little more relaxed. They have a youthful spirit that we usually don’t associate with parents — you won’t catch them wearing ““mom jeans” or sporting “dad sneakers.”

Their kid’s friends want to be them when they grow up. The other parents secretly check out their Halloween costumes and boxed lunches and make mental notes.

It’s hard to exactly describe what makes a parent cool, but we think these examples should give you a rough idea of what can qualify: a little edge, a ton of creativity and, of course, raising an even cooler kid.

Cool parents: a gallery tribute to chill moms and dads.

Which parent do you want to be more like?




4 thoughts on “How to become the coolest parent ever”

    1. Oh but done right, the embarrassment part?…hehe
      It has it’s attractions, trust me on that one 😉

      It’s a tough gig, being a parent.
      Even tougher to be a parent, and sadly for me,
      it’s really tough not being a an overbearing anal retentive one (who, me?)
      and that’s before you even consider throwing in the cool part.

      Stress? Who ordered the double shot of stress?
      Oh yeah right. That was me. LOL

  1. Okay … I’m not a MOM but I’m a cool aunt. I’m relaxed on the outside, but a doter on the inside. That’s the best of both worlds. And I think it’s pretty cool to check on your kids’ lunch boxes. If I were a parent I’d want to be a “good” parent and that means checking on the kids’ trick or treat candies in my leather pants and converse sneaks … Tweeting this …

    1. Thank you for tweeting,
      I’m glad to get it out there for others to enjoy 🙂

      Aunts totally count in my book (just an FYI)

      And doting aunts….ah…
      I know a Duck who would love to make your acquaintance! LOL

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