Gardening With CeeLee: Nature’s Getting Naughty

Nature's Joke On Me
Sad Thing Is…It’s Real AND It’s Mine…Go Figure….

A short little ditty…



There was a woman named CeeLee

Who planted her tomatoes while sipping spiked tea

She realized too late and could only curse her fate

The tomatoes, they stared at the hose 10 feet away gloomily

Aw, hell no! Are you kidding me?!”

Twice on the daily, she hauled her water in buckets

Calling in vain, CeeLee’s son was smart and his duties he was a-ducking

Glare blind and swaying, water squishing in her shoes and braying

How her arms being stretched past her feet was just so lame!

Crabby as CeeLee was, her garden grew and grew

Yielding up fresh treats and a surprise (who knew?)

In the midst of her garden, sat the punchline, still covered in dew

The moral of the story is never let life pass you by

If you do, you’ll look back later and sigh

For what had been missed under a bright laughing sky

Remember to laugh when you can!

This came from nature, the joke though, it’s on me.

Someone mixed in the wrong type of fertilizer!

Ha and Ha...I'm  Surrounded By Testosterone!
Ha and Ha…I’m
Surrounded By Testosterone!

4 thoughts on “Gardening With CeeLee: Nature’s Getting Naughty”

    1. Very true! 😉

      I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier~
      The notification didn’t go through.
      Tech 1, CeeLee-o LOL

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