Instant Productivity Via Exploding Microwave


Microwaves Hate CeeLee Too
I didn’t know all I Needed was a Plug to Kick Start My Productivity


Productivity and time management are my bright shiny objects


Full confession.

I have a bit of a problem. Actually it’s more like I have a fondness for perusing a gazillion different productivity and time management sites.

For hours.

But the productivity part stops there. It goes no further.

That’s the problem.

I also have a habit for making lists just so I can make a strike right through the item completed.  Everyone needs a hobby.

The way I see it, it could be worse. My hobby could be suddenly yelling “Yeah!” for no apparent reason or sitting on the couch and watching cars go round in circles for hours on end.

Or maybe….it could be as simple as innocently plugging in the microwave with my eyes cracked open at 5am for another fun filled day…and having it explode.

And not even because I put anything metal in it.  I didn’t. It’s a helluva wake up call, and definitely better than a gallon of coffee. Ask the neighbors. We were awake and alert for hours following that this morning.


The Before I Hit 40 Bucket List

I started this bucket list way back when I was 20, and didn’t even know I had ADHD, much less a yen for time management and productivity fence sitting.

When I thought that age 40 was the end all, be all. Which isn’t, but I didn’t know that then. The trouble is that 40 is getting closer but I’m not making any headway into crossing items off that damn list.

I thought if I were to put it here, it might give me the boost I needed, like the wake up call by microwave this morning, but without the shell shocked and deaf neighbors, asking (yelling) if I was testing heart attack induction via sound. I wasn’t intentionally no, but now there’s an idea! Productivity via explosions…

Speaking of yelling “Yeah!” as a hobby…

My other half just came home, looking very much as though he might’ve blown up a few microwaves today himself. I guess that bucket list will have to wait, well damn and oh what a shame. I’ll just post it next week.

I’ve got to explain the reason our microwave has this gorgeous star burst pattern of jagged metal artwork extending from it’s backside and the window directly behind that.

The one letting in all the hot air and missing all of the glass. And do the laundry, as I have some soiled undies to take care of.

I’m downright productive today, don’t mind the shakiness, I hear that dissipates over time.


Exploding Microwaves...Go Figure
Nothing Like an Explosion to Get You Moving




11 thoughts on “Instant Productivity Via Exploding Microwave”

    1. I might have had the lightning LOL
      I wasn’t awake enough at that point.

      Honestly, I’m just glad it’s happened
      to other people besides me! 😉

      My guy shook his head when I told him.
      He says I can never touch the TV. lol

    2. Interesting as in “Oh cool, would ya look at that!”


      “Oh holy shinola, it’s gonna blow up!” 😉

      Me, I think I’d have both reactions
      “Cool!” And duck and cover LOL

    3. Well, my reaction was leaning more towards the first, his was leaning more towards the last.

      I enjoyed the sight for about a second and then dryly told him that it might be an idea to switch it off. He was standing next to it. (outside is plastic, should isolate pretty well).

      I’m usually calm and quick to react in ‘scary’ situations, I thrive when most people panic. Last week I had to call 112 due to a situation with a psychotic, dangerous guy on a roof at work. Operator: ‘Are you sure you don’t have the situation under control?’ me: pretty much…
      (Even if I had managed to ‘talk him down’ I would still have needed the cops because of the dangerous bit).

    4. Wow! Okay, despite find my being trained in the medical field to react calmly eons ago,
      I will say that I like to think that I react calmly but… chances are I don’t lol

      The only reason I got lucky with the microwave that decided to blow
      its backsides out, was that I was not awake yet. I sure it doesn’t count. 😉

      I did find out though that it wasn’t due to any faults my own,
      for my ill advised plugging into the wall.

      Apparently the wiring in that particular spot had gone bad but no one told me.
      Haha Surprise CeeLee!

    5. They happen on the daily around me 😉

      I did a bit of everything when medical was concerned.
      I have EMT training, mostly first responder from the FDept,
      and nursing. Does it show overly? lol

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