“Real” Love From Thought Catalog; My Thoughts


I like the Thought Catalog. Who can’t, really? So many different views and ideas and so many things to read, and mull over. Always a welcome respite from dwelling within my own ADHD mind and surrounded by the same ole thought processes and patterns.

My personal definition of real love sure doesn’t include any of the  fairy tales we all heard when we were younger. Far from it. In a lot of ways though, that’s a good thing. Who wants to kiss frogs and risk warts (among other less savory things) and battle dragons, witches, and the likely possibility of ending up as dinner? My life already has all of those elements.

I found this article a while back and have been waiting for the right time to add my contribution. This weekend presented me with exactly what I had been seeking. Here are my examples of what real love is.

Real love is:

My guy deciding to build new rooms in our house since we aren’t able to move to a bigger one-yet.

Building When You Can't Move
Doing what needs done
Love Doesn't Mean Getting A Prince
Making do with what you have
Love Isn't Just Saying The Words
Hard Work and LOTS of Sweat

Real love is…

Trying to make what you have-better; when money is short and no one else can help

***I’m banned from all electrical equipment***

My Guy is Really Handy To Have
Providing for your family
Love is Teaching Skills Outside of School
Teaching skills you can’t learn in school
He had enough time to make matching garden planter boxes
He made matching garden planter boxes too

But most of all…Real love is…

Really loud right at the moment, but it’s not just saying words
Showering someone with gifts that require no effort or thought

It’s not all about money either.

Not even if they really really really want a Mustang GT500

“I love you too babe”

My guys make me feel lucky
Love is patient, Love is kind

Real love is…QUIET (sometimes)

It’s doing what needs to be done
Not expecting anything in return
and enjoying someone else’s enjoyment


2 thoughts on ““Real” Love From Thought Catalog; My Thoughts”

  1. Firstly I have to say that I love that you use love as a tag damn cool Cee-Lee.
    I read Thought Catalogs “Real” Love post and found it quite heartening. Too few people see love that way ( i am one of them ) the world would be a happier place if more people could love just for the sake of loving.

    1. I agree with you 100% 🙂
      I’ve wanted to have something worthy of posting to accompany that piece. 🙂

      It’s far to easy to lose sight of what matters most in relationships. I’m as guilty as the next person.

      I forget that love ebbs and flows, how hard circumstances can contribute to tunnel vision, and at the end of the day- if both people are still breathing unassisted, sanity intact and haven’t throttled the other-that’s love! 🙂

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