Before I See And Take Out Forty: Bucket List  Bucket by George Hodan
Here it is…
My Before I Hit 40 Bucket List

Before I meet 40 face to face…

This past weekend showed me a great many things. Good, bad, funny and downright…not right, or just plain fugly. Sadly, none of them were things I could mark off my Oh Dear Gawd CeeLee’s gonna be forty and forty=ancient (so says Duck) Bucket List. I have exactly 4 1/2 months left and umpteen million things to do. And it’s not like productivity and I have been besties lately.

CeeLee’s  Bucket List

  • Get on an actual working airplane (the plane going anywhere is for an entirely different list-like the 80 age bracket)
  • Take Duck (per Duck’s request and with his evil grin, he knows my hate for heights) on the mega zipline
  • Take Duck caving (Duck also is well acquainted with my claustrophobia-the kid is evil) in an admittedly cool cave
  • My other half suggested naked skydiving (he’s weird and I have this thing against getting arrested (nekkid) and suffering abject humiliation) so…yeah um…no.
  • Try my hand at belly dancing and kickboxing.  Just not simultaneously. And most definitely not nekkid.
  • Learn how to be a better friend to my friends, ie; listen more.
  • Learn to remember that real love isn’t what the fairy tales say it is. It’s better and it suh-huh-hucks. Sometimes at the same time.
  • ***Get published*** I’ve got tons of “Thank you buts”…now I want a “We’re pleased to accept.”
  • Start the tedious process of buying a house-one we can call our own.

The bucket list clock is ticking

I think I’ll start the countdown for getting these things crossed through…tomorrow. I may be ADHD, but I’m damn near a master in procrastination. Still, if I manage to cross off five things before my carriage turns back into a pumpkin, I’ll be happy. Fifty percent ain’t bad. Not when you’re me. Besides, one of the items doesn’t count. Repeat after me. Just say “No to nekkid!” I knew you could.



6 thoughts on “Before I See And Take Out Forty: Bucket List”

  1. After too many long haul flights I’m kind of glad I didn’t become a pilot. But belly dancing is fun!! It works better if you have hips. And in my city naked bungee jumping is free.

    1. I’ll be happy to just sit in a plane.
      I literally have never done that-weird, huh? 🙂

      Free naked bungee jumping…hmmm…
      I can hear my guy now,
      “Aw c’mon CeeLee, 2 birds and all. You know you want to.
      A plane ride to a naked bungee jump. Perfectly logical really.”
      Yeah…um no. LOL

      So hips work better for belly dancing.
      Well geesh, I’m a white chick who can’t dance anyway-
      At the very least, it’ll be a helluva interesting time, these next 4 1/2 months 😉

    2. Oh yes I think so lol

      Everyone can come along for the ride
      and not have to deal with me screaming
      or shimmying-which ever comes first 😉

      All fun and no mess.

    1. Okay now that’s a good one 😉
      Scary part though-I’m betting you find some nekkid kick belly dancing.
      Or is that nekkid belly kicking dancing? Hmmm…LOL

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