From A to Z For You And Me

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Absolutely I remember my first real love.

Bittersweet are those memories and not a single one faded despite so many years that have gone by.

Caught by surprise, I had no chance to politely refuse your spontaneous hug after our tentative meet and greet done over a game of pool.

Dammit, I wanted to slip from your grasp but I didn’t.

Even now I can recall your incredibly obnoxious laughter and how contagious it was.

Funny how it all too quickly became natural to want to be around you and you, me.

God only knows, but I do believe I fell in love you on our second date; the one you brought coffee to but forgot mine because you were so nervous.

How amazing was it, to realize and then admit, our feelings for the other and how relieving to know it was mutual.

I won’t regret our eventual parting of ways some years later, if it hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have ever gotten to the place I am now.

June and July are the months that stick out most clearly in my mind and you know why.

Karma was what I wished would catch up to you, after you ended things so badly, though I don’t blame you anymore.

Love was what both of us were able to explore together and define our own terms for.

My family loved you on first sight, and privately begged me not to let you get away.

Nickelback was always on the radio back then and we cranked it, pretending we were badasses and we weren’t anything of the sort.

Outdoors was the only place you could find us during the summer, only you tanned and I burned every damn time.

Priorities straight, I decided to go to school and you became my study buddy though you weren’t in school with me.

Quiet wasn’t how I preferred to study, medical terms just didn’t seem to have as much retention if spoken aloud without Metallica in the background.

Reminiscing over those long ago days no longer hurts like it did, it just makes me smile (and cringe in some spots) and I hope it does both for you too.

Silly as we both got after too little sleep, we rarely fought and when we did, we still ended up in bed at the end of the day-together.

The days always saw me running late, my hair on end, and sweet talking the parking attendant guy in the garage next to school into letting me in-free.

Uniforms that bore the black ink splotches from my ball point pens being washed with them and looking very much like a Dalmatian were apparently my style, the whiteout was to paint over them on test out days and never failed to make you crack up when seeing me do so.

Vehemently you denied the problem to which I know you had and weren’t willing to break until the reality my hand across your face when I caught you.

When it was over, really over this time, I thought I’d never stop crying but eventually I did.

X-rays of the impacted wisdom teeth I had to have cut out with only a local anesthetic and made you worry over my poor swollen face; I found them just the other day, I have no idea why I kept them.

Yakety, yakety I know, but I couldn’t find a better word to describe how we tend to get when we talk now, after all the time gone by and the pain finally healed.

Zoo best describes we both have in the way of families, pets and kids, even if our dream of being together til the end of our time never happened. Our dreams came true, just not how we had dreamed them.

Yes, I still remember you.

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38 thoughts on “From A to Z For You And Me”

    1. It is hard to get over the first time its the real deal, no doubt! 🙂

      I bet she remembers you to this day. LoL Which can be good or bad, I’ve found.

      All depends on whether they keep those pics taken during less than shining moments. I kept all of mine 😉

    2. Laughs,
      My heated summer romance of 1977. Sneaking kisses behind some old wood shed. It is fun to think she remembers my lame attempt at the “first kiss” I hope her future kisses where less lame.

      I hope other girl’s / women’s first kisses worked out better.

      (side note, with practice and some soft pointers from women-kind I have figured out how it works).

    3. I’m sure she does, we don’t usually forget those first kisses, good bad or in between. LoL

      Summer of 77…what was I doing back then? Let me think…I believe I was learning that touching blades of grass to electric fences was a phenomenally bad idea. 😉

      And yes, just like the electric fence, there is much to be gained from experience and perfecting kisses (among other indoor sports)

      You made me smile today. Thank you for that

  1. Sadly my first love never knew how I felt about her and if she did she never let me know. My first kiss was a surprise to me from some one walking up the street. And although it meant nothing to me in an emotional way I will still always remember it. I have not had many more chances for learning proper kissing procedures but hope to some time. Funny how finding a momento from some time past will make those memories flood back in even if it is a little bottle full of teeth.
    You have made me smile today as well.

    1. Oh I’m so happy I did
      make you smile.

      Observe my own grin
      (minus those pesky wisdom teeth)
      and if you’re wondering uneasily about my intentions…then you know me quite well LoL

      But relax, my motives are clean I assure you, I only have a request.

      If you wrote out the above memory and had a chance to write it with her telling you how that kiss went…

      Would you? And how would it have been if she did tell you?

      You’re under no obligation save that for my own streak of romance and my curiosity. But…up to you entirely. 🙂

  2. Hmmmm so I had to really think about this because the kiss was a one timer. I was at the beach standing outside the place my parents where renting at the time. The girl was walking down the street and just grabbed my face and planted a big ole kiss on me. Great stroy for a first kiss. I did know who she was, she was one of the waitresses at the bar that I was DJing at the time. She never said anyting to me about it and I never brought it up either. I think she may have had a few too many libations at the time and may not even have realized what she did. For me as it was my first kiss it took me by surprise and I felt kinda swoony after it kind of a cloud eight and a half kinda feeling. Not really sure if I would know how to write it from her point of view but I will try.
    I was walking down the street feeling kinda frisky if you know what I mean and I saw that new DJ from the club standing there. I just had this feeling inside that I wanted to kiss him not sure why but I was feeling good so I went up and planted a big ole kiss on him you should have seen the surprised look in his eyes made it worth it.

    1. I laughed hard after I read this 🙂
      I know that swoony feeling all too well,
      I’ve felt it myself a few times.

      And had I been in your shoes, I’d have planted a big wet one on the new DJ too!
      I can almost see the look you would’ve gotten hehe
      I’ll bet it was priceless.

      Thank you so much for indulging my curiosity,
      and just IMO but it was her loss if she didn’t remember it 🙂

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      I’m glad you liked the post, it was fun doing it.
      Thank you so much for the add on your blog. 🙂

    2. You’re welcome! I haven’t posted much on my poetry blog, but once I move it to WP, I’ll be posting more! I’ve written a couple of these types of poems, too! I’d love for you to read them!

    3. I’ll be sure to do that-
      I love poetry.

      But…hey um do me a favor?
      Don’t read mine LOL
      It’s a bit like Dr Seuss under the influence 😉

    4. Guilty. Is that illegal or something? 🙂 LOL Do you have Skype? I’d like to talk to you.

    5. I’d love nothing more than to Skype and pick your brain (politely)
      I’m free today after 4pm est-if that works with you,
      I’ll be happy to send you an email and we can get acquainted 🙂
      (unseen happy dance)

    6. Tomorrow is better for me, or later this evening. Find me on Skype (I’m the only one with my name) and email me with a time. My internet is acting up, so I’m going to get off the computer. Plus, I need a nap! LOL

    7. Well, if truth be told, I’ve been up since yesterday…I turned on my laptop at 2am. Eleven hours later, I’ve met you! 🙂 Happy, but tired! Plus, the internet (chrome browser) is giving me grief again. It keeps cutting out. I just waited 25 mins for it to re-connect. This is the longest it’s ever been out. Usually, it’s only a 1-4 minutes. Grr.

    8. LOL Ah…welcome to my world!
      CeeLee, the Medusa of all tech.
      One look from her and it’s dead. 😉

      I know very well the pain of internet
      and it’s drop outs…
      I’m not going to disappear, at least so far as I know.

      Get some rest, we’ll connect soon 🙂
      You’ll be glad you did after being subjected to the
      onslaught of speed talking and the questions of “Why? How come? But…why?” 😉

    1. Hi there Wilder

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂
      I probably should have started the darn thing off with
      “Hey guys, this is an A,B,C theme.” LOL

      You aren’t the only one to mention that-
      in fact, you’d be in the majority 😉

    2. It’s a compliment to your writing abilities that your work was ‘seamless’ and that the ABC device did not detract from your story! 🙂

    3. Okay, I admit to not having seen it
      that way before you pointed it out. 🙂

      Cool! And thank you again 🙂
      Have I mentioned I’m glad to have you around?
      No? Guess what? 😉

    4. Very welcome LOL
      Hey, you did the smacking the smile on my face thing first though 😉

      I really, really, really (yeah-I need coffee) like your colouring book.
      Especially the knot work and celtic designs 🙂

    5. Good morning Wilder 🙂

      I’ve shared some of those pages with your work with other like minded people.
      They like them as much as I do. Your talent is admirable!

      I’m a real Celtic fan with regards to knotwork and design.
      It stands to reason I suppose. As if my red hair, green eyes, and freckles
      aren’t enough of a giveaway. 😉

    1. Hey Forrest 🙂

      See? I knew we had some stuff in common 🙂
      Strawberry rhubarb pie is a favorite of mine.
      I haven’t had it in ages

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