Guilty Of Making ALL Of The First Time Blogger Mistakes

First Time Blogger Mistakes is a must read for new bloggers

I found this post on BlogHer today and wanted to share. For anyone new to the blogging scene and wanting to avoid making mistakes right off the bat, (like I have and still am) this is the post is for you.

And yes, I’ve made all five mistakes listed. All of them. Over and over. Repeatedly. Mostly over numbers one and four. I think I have a lot of work to do. I’m wondering how long the list is and if I’m doing them as well.  I’m wondering if I want to know. I’m thinking I might need to sit down. 😉

“I kept a list of my first-time blogger mistakes for future blog posts but it’s a longer list than I had originally anticipated, so I decided to write about five mistakes at a time. “

Read more about First Time Blogger Mistakes by LadyBlogger

it’s definitely worth your time.

Thank you LadyBlogger, 

I’m already a fan of yours (I’m the red faced one below)

but a fan all the same. 



I most definitely need a niche to stick with
Hi, I’m CeeLee
And I’m redfaced

2 thoughts on “Guilty Of Making ALL Of The First Time Blogger Mistakes”

    1. Heya Matrix,

      Good question! 🙂
      Not from following rules LOL
      Honestly? I just keep writing.

      Some of it goes over pretty well, some not so much.
      The way I see it (and this is not the right way-I know)
      I look at the posts that do well and try to write more on that topic.

      I’m very much a noob myself and learning as I go. 🙂

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