Think You’ve Wasted Your Life? Think Again

Getting Closer To Done
DIY Projects still Suck

I’m still having to deal with a holey house and life as I know it with a homework hating Duck, but even if my stuff doesn’t come out the way I want it to right now, I can still take comfort in seeing something like this. I hope you can too.

Thanks Anna, I needed this.



“Here’s A Shocking Truth If You Think You’ve Wasted Your Life…”

 by Anna Chui 

If you think that you only live once,

maybe you have to think again.

What if you have many lives?

How will you live your life differently?


life comic

Be sure to read the rest from  by clicking her name.

You’ll be glad you did.




4 thoughts on “Think You’ve Wasted Your Life? Think Again”

  1. This is reassuring, I thought I might be getting down to my last reincarnation… Using this math, I think I have 4 or 5 opportunities left, that takes a lot of pressure off!
    -Great Article – thanks for sharing

    1. Hey there and welcome to my own particular insanity 🙂

      Speaking as one who considers herself to have 9 lives,
      I’m with you there. 😉

      If my own math is correct I figure I’m on the downhill side.
      Time for game on and I’d better make it count 🙂

      I’ve really been enjoying your blog btw.
      You have some great (oohh bright shiny info!) posts there.
      My never satisfied, forever seeking brain thanks you. As do I. 😉

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