What I’ve Learned From A Year Of Blogging

Let's party-it's my blog's birthday
A whole Year has gone by

It’s been a Year since I started Swimming in the Adult Pool

I’ve had some time to reflect back on what it is I may have gained from testing the waters in the blogging scene. I have to admit I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made a ton of mistakes, lost a bet to a Duck, and even had a few victories along the way. I got the chance to read some top notch writing from some equally top notch people and I’m glad I’ve experienced it all. So what did I learn?

I Learned that…

  • I knew diddly squat about SEO.
  • I knew even less about CSS, HTML 5, and PHP.
  • I have an inner comedian dwelling within my brain who considers this blog to be the center stage of stand up comedy. Whether I like it or not.
  • Dragon Speak and I were destined never to see eye to eye and that I might have possibly given the next door neighbor the impression that I was an axe murderer. Which I’m not. Only towards Dragon.
  • Guest posting is fun, being featured on BlogHer even more fun.
  • Making a bet with a Duck about writing in the NaNoWriMo contest was not one of my brighter moves. Bragging that I could write the necessary amount of words required, in my sleep no less, was an even bigger mistake. Because the Duck always makes sure bets lost are bets paid. And I paid.
  • The quickest way for me to go cross eyed was to try to figure out how to make and then submit my blog’s sitemap to search engines. And that staring at an xml tree was a migraine in waiting.
  • Writing my dreams my way and in my style may not make me a superstar but I’m okay with that. I’m content with being the Walter Mitty of the adult ADHD crowd.
  • That image formats for my posts do not look the same, ie: neat and tidy, as soon as I hit publish. Go figure, I’m still working on that one.
  • Spiders have a sacred vow to get me while I drive. Targeting my nether cheeks for trucker’s amusement.
  • How my adult ADHD impacted my life far more than I had ever known possible and the limitations weren’t immovable like I had previously surmised.
  • YouTube vids are much harder to make than I could’ve guessed.
  • Audios of the Duck’s homework battles were fun to do, but just as time consuming as YouTube.
  • Receiving the awards for Versatile Blogger and the Liebster Awards were week makers for me, not just a single day.
  • Poison ivy monsters are no joke.
  • Showing my son that you can do what you love is possible, even if it’s never going to be something that could be a career. That sucks but at least I know.  Knowing is half the battle, right?
  • How much hate I have towards any type of DIY home projects.
  • How much fun I’ve had during the past year and what a wonderful escape it is to come to, even if just for a stolen moment or two.

Thank you to everyone who has been here with comments and the help I’ve needed, just so that the Adult Pool didn’t appear as though…well? As though a Duck had done it. Actually he may have done it better, who knows? Now who brought the cake? Anyone? Geesh. I hope you didn’t expect me to cook one, just ask Duck why. 😉

         Here’s to a great year and my hopes for more to follow.




8 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From A Year Of Blogging”

  1. Hey, at least you learned a few things! Focus on the positives, CeeLee; you have too many negative things on your list!!!

    1. Oh I am focusing on the positive, Lorraine 😉

      I’m positively sure that I was grinning right out loud
      when I typed this. And I was.LOL It’s all in good fun.

      I do best when I know what it is I need to work towards.
      And what better way to find those things than to blog? 🙂
      I may never learn what I need about SEO, HTML 5 and the like,
      but I’m still having fun trying and getting to meet some great people along the way.

      I count that as a win for me all day long.
      Thank you for commenting, it means a lot to me 🙂

    2. I know what you mean; I love getting comments, too!

      It’s been a while since we’ve run into one another, and so I was really happy today when you “liked” one of my posts! I was able to find you quickly, and so I came over to repay the favour! 🙂

    3. Much appreciated here as well 🙂

      I’m a fan of your writing, you know.
      So…about NaNoWriMo…heh…
      What say you? In or out? 🙂

    4. Good luck 🙂
      I may join you. I haven’t decided yet either.
      But if I do, no bets with Duck. That water was cold! LOL

I love getting comments. It's as close to being famous as I'll ever get.

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